Which Paper Cups are right for my Business?

Author: Oliver Lloyd - Director 

2-3 min read

27th February 2017

Paper cups in a carrier

One of the most common questions we are asked from a potential customer is "which paper cups should we buy for our catering business?"

Choosing the right paper cups comes down to what is more important to you?. Is it how much the cup costs? how does the cup look? or how the cup impacts on our environment?

To help you choose which paper cup is right for your business, we have outlined below a summary of our paper cups.

Biodegradable Doubled Walled Cups

Biodegradable paper cups are the most environmentally friendly cups on the market, There double-walled design offers excellent insulation and therefore protect the customer's hands from hot drinks and although these come at a premium they have less of impact on our environment so great if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Pros: Biodegradable, Compostable.
  • Cons: Although these costs more, can we put a price on the impact non-recycleable cups have on our environment?
  • Material: paper
  • Cost: £0.10p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz double walled edenware cups )

Double Walled Cups

Double-wall cups are the industry standard takeaway coffee cups for any cafe or shop serving takeaway drinks. Offered in various sizes most commonly 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz.

They are suitable for both hot and cold drinks, offering the same high insulation properties as the biodegradable doubled walled cups without the price tag.

  • Pros: Good Insulation, Sleek Design
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive than a ripple cup.
  • Material: paper
  • Cost: £0.07p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz black double walled cups )

Ripple Cups

Ripple paper cups are one of the most popular disposable paper cups on the market, offering a very robust design with great insulation to keep your drink warm while protecting your hands all at an affordable price!. If you are selling takeaway coffee kraft ripple cups are an excellent choice.

  • Pros: Affordable, Good Insulation and they Look great!
  • Cons: It's hard to find a con for a ripple cup?
  • Material: paper
  • Cost: £0.05p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz kraft ripple cups )

Enjoy Bubble Cups

Enjoy double-walled paper cups by Huhtamaki come in a range of vibrant colours, the bubble texture of the cups not only looks good but also improves the insulation properties of the cup and provides a comfortable grip for your customers.

  • Pros: Good Insulation, Easy Grip, Vibrant, and Fun.
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive than a standard double-walled cup and my not fit in within your brand or colour schemes.
  • Material: paper
  • Cost: £0.08p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz enjoy bubble cups )

Single Wall Cups

Single Wall cups are a cost-effective solution which is a more environmentally friendly option than polystyrene cup, we would recommend Cup Sleeves if serving hot beverages in them.

  • Pros: Affordable and lightweight.
  • Cons: Not suitable for hot drinks without a cup sleeve to protect customers hands.
  • Material: paper
  • Cost: £0.05p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz speciiality cups )

Polystyrene Cups

Polystyrene cups are a cheap but versatile option, they are great at regulating both hot and cold drinks, however cheap comes at a price to our environment as they are non-recyclable. We would recommend polystyrene cups for either the workplace, charity event, or where budget is really at a minimum and you are not trying to push a brand.

  • Pros: Cheap & good at regulating Hot & Cold beverage temperatures.
  • Cons: Non-Recyclable & Not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Material: polystyrene
  • Cost: £0.03p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz polystyrene cups )


To complement your cups we also stock a variety of other catering disposables including: Lids, Cup Sleeves & HoldersStraws & Stirrers.

A few of our most popular Cups: