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Plastic Cups with Lids

Plastic Cups With Lids such as Disposable Smoothie Cups, Milkshake Cups & Plastic Pint Cups are Recyclable & Clear Plastic Cups with Lids available Shop Online.

Introducing our extensive collection of disposable plastic cups, encompassing everything from plastic cups with lids to recycled plastic cups. Catering24 boasts a vast array of plastic cups suitable for numerous applications. Whether you're interested in clear plastic cups for visibility or plastic cups with lids and straws for takeaway beverages, we have them all.

Compostable plastic cups, including biodegradable plastic cups made from PLA material, serve as excellent Milkshake and Smoothie Cups. These cups come with varied lid options like flat lids or dome lids, accommodating straws. Thus, our plastic cups with lids and straws are excellent for takeaway shakes and smoothies.

For those looking to serve alcoholic beverages, we provide plastic pint glasses, half pint glasses, and plastic disposable cups suitable for shots. Our range of disposable glasses, especially disposable plastic glasses like wine and beer glasses, come in both recyclable and reusable forms. If you're hosting a party, our cheap plastic cups ensure safety, eliminating the threat of shattered glass. They're especially perfect for large gatherings where you require disposable plastic cups with lids.

Do you need cups for water coolers? Our vending water cups are not only affordable but also perfect as quick plastic drinking cups.

We are committed to sustainability, as evident in our choice to discontinue polystyrene cups. Instead, we're a proud distributor of recyclable plastic cups.

Customers often pair plastic cups with other items. Some popular additions include cutlery, straws, tea, coffee, and stirrers.

Composition of Plastic Cups

Our plastic cups are made from either PET or PP plastic. Notably, PET plastic is widely utilized in food containers and clothing due to its durable nature. Such materials are essential for crafting diverse clear plastic cups with lids, tumblers, or shot glasses.

Plastic Pint Glasses and More

Our plastic pint glasses are optimal for events, both indoors and outdoors. Not only are they recyclable, but they also meet EU health, safety, and environmental standards. Moreover, we have plastic cups with lid options that fit seamlessly, preventing spills.

Environment and Plastic Cups

Our plastic drinking cups are entirely recyclable, emphasizing sustainability. By promoting recycling, we reduce the need for new plastic production and the associated environmental impacts.

Versatile Plastic Cups for Various Beverages and Desserts From plastic disposable cups ideal for desserts to plastic cups with lids and straws fit for any cold drink, Catering24 has something for everyone. Whether it's biodegradable plastic cups for the environmentally conscious or clear plastic cups for showcasing your drink, we've got you covered.

Concluding Remarks To see our complete array of catering supplies, including plastic cup with lid options and disposable plastic cups with lids, visit our site. Enjoy free delivery for orders over £100!

Dessert cups

Dessert cups are a must-have for many culinary businesses, from cafes to caterers. Whether you're searching for dessert cups with lids or simple dessert pots, we have you covered. Our extensive inventory includes a wide variety of plastic dessert pots with lids, including mini dessert pots with lids, which are ideal for individual servings or small sweet treats.

Not only do we provide disposable dessert cups with lids in the UK, but we also have plastic dessert cups with lids for those who prioritize durability and reusability. If you're on a budget but still want top-notch quality, our cheap dessert cups are the perfect solution. For businesses that regularly serve takeaways, our dessert containers offer a perfect blend of style and practicality.


We proudly stock a range of plastic dessert cups and mini dessert pots in various sizes. These are perfect for elegantly showcasing parfaits, mousses, and other delectable treats. Manufactured from robust, crystal-clear rPET plastic, our dessert cups plastic range guarantees clarity like no other. Whether you're presenting a cheesecake, canapes, or even a mouth-watering sundae, we've got the perfect dessert glass plastic solution for you, compatible with both flat and dome lids. The hard plastic dessert cup sizes we offer range from the quaint 6oz diamond-patterned rPET container to the larger 16oz dessert cup.


But what exactly is an rPET Dessert Cup?


For those unfamiliar with the term, rPET stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate. This crystal-clear food-grade plastic is the top choice for many of our retail customers. Not only does it flaunt the aesthetic appeal of the food items, but the rPET disposable dessert pots also boast of being shatterproof, ensuring the freshest and safest storage. Be it a deli craving a takeaway dessert glass for their sumptuous smoothies or cheesecakes, an ice cream vendor wanting reliable ice cream cups, or a contract caterer scouting for that perfect container to flaunt their appetizers or rich chocolate desserts – rPET is the answer. What adds to its charm is the eco-friendly factor: these rPET dessert cups come from recycled plastics and are 100% recyclable. This means that, regardless of their previous life, these containers can be seamlessly picked up in curbside household collections throughout the UK.