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Paper Napkins

Shop the best in paper napkins UK at Catering24. From disposable napkins for street vendors to premium airlaid serviettes, find bulk napkins & catering napkins.

Catering24 offers a wide variety of paper napkins, suitable for any occasion in the UK. We are one of the top suppliers of paper napkins UK. From vibrant colours to pastels, our range is designed to match any table setting. Whether you are shopping for everyday use or special events, our bulk napkins are available in various qualities, ensuring you get both style and value for money. Our competitive prices make us a go-to source for cheap napkins and wholesale napkins.

Most of our napkins include paper napkins sourced from trusted brands like Essity, Duni, and Poppies, comparable to the fiesta napkin from other suppliers. Our collection features both plain and print napkins UK designs, making it easier for you to find a style that suits your needs.

Street food vendors can find disposable napkins in 1ply or 2ply, perfect for quick service. On the other hand, cafes or restaurants aiming for a luxurious touch can opt for our 3ply paper serviettes or our airlaid serviettes, which resemble the feel of linen napkins. For those in the catering business, our catering napkins are both affordable and of high quality.

Our most sought-after items include white paper napkins wholesale, catering to different requirements. And if you're looking to buy in higher volumes, we offer napkins wholesale deals and wholesale paper napkins to meet all your business needs.

Considering a switch from linen napkins? Our disposable napkins offer an environmentally friendly and hygienic solution without compromising on the luxury feel. Restaurants and caterers searching for napkins wholesale for their establishments will find a broad selection here at Catering24.

Accessories for Paper Napkins

If you're planning an event or gathering, Catering24 not only offers paper napkins, but we also have a range of matching accessories. From party paper plates to full party tableware sets, we've got you covered. Especially if you're looking for themed items like happy birthday paper napkins or special napkins for Valentine's day, we have a range that's constantly expanding.

Bespoke Print Napkins

Stand out with our customized service. Catering24 is proud to be among the leading suppliers offering printed paper napkins with your logo or design. Whether you need party napkins, bar cocktail napkins, or dinner napkins bearing your branding, we are equipped to deliver high-quality napkins UK tailored to your requirements.

Paper Napkins

Various paper napkins in different colours, sizes, and qualities are suitable for various occasions and business needs.

The range includes eco-friendly options like recyclable and compostable napkins.

Yes, Catering24 offers bulk purchasing options for various types of napkins.

Yes, we cater to a wide range of businesses, from street vendors to high-end restaurants.

Yes, we offer premium air-laid serviettes that resemble the feel of linen napkins.

Things To Consider

Catering24 sells paper napkins that can be used by the full spectrum of businesses in the hospitality and catering sector, such as restaurants, hotels, venues and event caterers. In the products above, you’ll find Duni napkins in a wide variety of colours, along with more functional napkins that can be dispensed in a cafe or more casual environment. Available to order online in bulk, there’s no easier way to buy the napkins you need.

Napkins can be decorative or simply functional. Catering24 has products to suit both ends of the spectrum. We sell Duni napkins in 15 different colours, ensuring that you’ll be able to find something for your chosen colour scheme. We also sell dispenser napkins in bulk, which is a convenient and affordable way to make sure that everyone has access to a napkin in any setting.

All of the different napkins that we sell are available in white - an unobtrusive colour that works in any setting. In addition to this more functional option, we also have Duni napkins in 15 colours, from bordeaux red, to slate, to herbal green. These napkins work perfectly at one-off events with a set colour scheme or at venues that want to maintain a distinctive identity.

Napkins are the kind of product that nearly always need to be ordered in bulk, giving you the right quantity in a couple of easy clicks. Duni napkins come in packs of either 1000 or 720 - enough to cater for many kinds of events. Packs of 2000 are also available for some colours, giving you an even better cost per unit. We also sell dispenser napkins in boxes of 4000 to 9000.

Duni coloured napkins are all 40cm x 40cm, which is a standard size for tabletop napkins and convenient for protecting clothes or wiping hands. Dispenser napkins tend to be smaller and vary in size depending on the product.