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Disposable Cutlery

Disposable Cutlery that is compostable & recyclable. Shop plastic cutlery alternatives like our wooden cutlery at low prices and next day delivery.

Disposable Cutlery

Welcome to our online store, where you'll find a wide range of high-quality disposable cutlery options to meet your needs. Our collection includes an assortment of disposable cutlery, including disposable wooden cutlery, disposable cutlery sets, and wooden disposable cutlery.

If you're in need of disposable cutlery for a special occasion, picnic, or catering event, you've come to the right place. We offer a selection of disposable cutlery sets that provide convenience without compromising on style or functionality. Our disposable cutlery sets are perfect for any event, ensuring that your guests can enjoy their meals with ease.

For those who value sustainability, we also offer eco-friendly options such as bamboo disposable cutlery and bagasse cutlery. These environmentally-friendly alternatives are crafted from renewable resources, reducing your carbon footprint while still providing reliable and sturdy utensils.

In addition to our wooden and eco-friendly options, we also stock paper cutlery that is lightweight, cost-effective, and perfect for quick and convenient use. Whether you're hosting a gathering or running a food service establishment, our disposable cutlery collection has you covered.

As a trusted supplier, we also cater to businesses and offer disposable cutlery wholesale options. Whether you're a restaurant owner, event planner, or retailer, our wholesale program ensures competitive pricing and bulk quantities to meet your requirements.

Browse through our selection of disposable cutlery and find the perfect solution for your needs. Our products are designed with durability and convenience in mind, providing you with a hassle-free dining experience. Shop now and enjoy the convenience of disposable cutlery without compromising on quality.

Disposable Cutlery

We have a 3in1 kit consisting of a knife, fork and napkin. We also have a 4in1 kit consisting of a knife, fork, spoon and napkin.

Our wooden economy range isn’t coated, our premium range cutlery is wax coated.

Plastic Cutlery

Catering24 offer plastic cutlery which have a range of eco properties, so you can run your business to suit your needs and without a guilty conscience. Available to buy online with next-day delivery available if you place your order before 9pm. Disposable plastic cutlery is often the only practical solution for event caterers, food stalls, or takeaways, striking the balance of practicality with sustainability is solved with our range of recyclable plastic cutlery. 

We stock a wide range of disposable cutlery, that can be purchased as a plastic cutlery set, or if you after just a disposable fork, disposable knife, or a disposable dessert spoon. We’re sure we’ve got the right products for you. Whether your catering an event such as a picnic or BBQ, or are an ice cream vendor looking to provide customers with plastic dessert spoons or fork spoons with a delicious serving a ice cream.

Our eco-friendly range is designed to be sturdy and robust, providing a strong alternative to the low-quality, flimsy cutlery we’ve all had the misfortune of experiencing. We offer a range of colours and finishes, from the basic white or clear plastic cutlery through to a classy rose gold or silver plastic cutlery of which some caterers source for wedding parties and other catered events. With our wide range, you can choose the perfect design for your needs. Is plastic cutlery not quite what you’re looking for? Why not check out our heavy duty wooden cutlery or compostable cutlery for other environmentally-friendly options.

What is replacing plastic cutlery? 

The current trend for replacing plastic cutlery is wooden cutlery. This alternative to disposable plastic cutlery is considered more sustainable for the earth. Taking most of its material from Bamboo. Bamboo is a great sustainable material and is praised for its fast growth rate (one of the fastest growing plant species on the planet). Bamboo can be planted and reach maturity in just 90 days in the right environment with one species growing more than 30 inches per day! That is why Bamboo is a fantastic material replacing plastic in not only cutlery but other kraft or white disposables such as napkins, straws, stirrers and even toilet paper.

As well as wooden cutlery, compostable cutlery is also another great alternative that will eventually replace non-recyclable plastic cutlery, disposable cutlery, and other disposable tableware that is tricky to recycle. Bio cutlery is made up from 58% plantstarch and has a reduced carbon footprint so buy investing in bio cutlery, you can have the confidence knowing your doing your bit for the planet.

Is it safe to use plastic cutlery?

Plastic cutlery is considered safe to use. All materials used in food packaging go through rigarous testing to make sure they are considered safe. Whilst every country has its own legistation for its food contact materials, we make sure that every food packaging we sell has passed this legislation and considered safe to use in the UK.

What materials are used to make plastic cutlery?

Most materials used to make plastic cutlery are polypropylene or polystyrene, these materials are gathered from sources such as gas, oil or plant matter. Nearly all of our plastic cutlery uses polystyrene as it's main material.  Polystyrene derives from a polymer and can colour can be added to create virtually shade. This is the point where the manufacture chooses their polystyrene to make white plastic cutlery, black plastic cutlery, even silver plastic cutlery use for a stainless steel look it is formed into sheets which are then sourced and delivered to cutlery manufacturers. The sheets are then loaded onto a roller, stretched and heated to anywhere between 150-190 degrees celcius and goes through a process called thermoforming where the material is formed into the plastic cutlery you see on the shelves today. Either boxed separately as a single piece of cutlery, or boxed in plastic pouches with paper napkins to create cutlery sets. The bags of cutlery containing plastic forks, plastic knives, and plastic dessert spoons are boxed and sent to our customers to distribute.

Is plastic cutlery recyclable? 

Plastic cutlery made from polystyrene PS is currently difficult to recycle due to their small diameter they are usually removed during the contamination process. However, it is still recyclable. Contact your local council for further advise on how best to recycle your plastic cutlery. Our website offers an eco property page giving a glossary of terms which will help clear up any confusion. At Catering24, Recyclable means that the material of this product is able to be recycled in the UK. In the case of some products, (for example, PE lined paper cups) for the material to be recycled the user may need to segregate, clean, or dispose of in a specialist waste stream to ensure it is recycled in reality.

Are plastic utensils sanitary?

Yes, plastic utensils are considered very sanitary as they are considered a one time use utensil used by one user and not therefore not reusable. It is not recommended to use plastic cutlery more than once to then wash it with the aim to reuse, as much as the plastic starts to degrade and won’t retain it’s regidity as well as it’s first use.

Wooden Cutlery

We have a range of cutlery available to our customers, from biodegradable, compostable to our eco-friendly birchwood or bamboo premium cutlery. If you're after an alternative to your plastic cutlery look no further than our great range of disposable wooden cutlery made from Bamboo. We offer disposable wooden forks, wooden knives, and wooden spoons in a range of spoon sizes from teaspoons to dessert spoons. 

Our premium wooden cutlery would make a great addition to any tableware and goes particularly well with our range of kraft takeaway packaging and food boxes and food trays for an eco-friendly theme across your disposable packaging.

The Eco-Friendly Option

From tree to fork, wooden cutlery's whole process has less impact on the environment than the process of producing plastic cutlery due to fewer emissions and is free from plastic materials or chemicals. Like Chopsticks, this high-quality, premium, wooden cutlery derives from Birchwood or Bamboo, trees that is easy to process and form into the cutlery sold by us, it makes the cutlery strong, durable, and lightweight. 

To avoid splinters, during the manufacturing process the wooden cutlery is ground along the sides created a smooth and even surface. 

Using bamboo as the raw material, we are taking sustainable steps to reduce single-use plastics. Bamboo is a great choice of material as it is the fastest growing plant in the world, strong and hygienic, and also is incredibly strong and durable. 

Our premium bamboo cutlery is the perfect alternative to plastic single-use cutlery or stainless steel cutlery.

Disposable Wooden Cutlery Sets

If you're planning an event and looking for party cutlery which is a space-saving, hygienic option. We offer birchwood wooden cutlery wrapped meal kits containing a wooden knife, fork, and dessert spoon along with a white paper napkin. Our wooden cutlery meal kits are sold in 250 qty. 

Separate Wooden Cutlery

If you're not looking for a wooden cutlery meal kit, our disposable wooden forks, dessert spoon and wooden knives are also sold separately in boxes of 1000 and are able to fit most cutlery dispensers if you have them. 

Birchwood cutlery is a stylish, very affordable, eco-friendly cutlery choice for your next BBQ, office or dinner party, special event, wedding, or in your cafe or restaurant!

Biodegradable and compostable Cutlery

Explore our extensive collection of biodegradable and compostable cutlery! We take pride in presenting a diverse selection of disposable eco-friendly cutlery that not only offers convenience but also promotes sustainability. Our biodegradable cutlery is meticulously crafted to naturally decompose, minimizing its ecological footprint.

Crafted from compostable materials, our compostable cutlery serves as a compelling alternative to traditional plastic utensils. Recognizing the significance of eco-conscious solutions, we offer compostable cutlery in large quantities.

Whether you're organizing a substantial event or managing a food service establishment, our bulk options for compostable cutlery are tailor-made for your needs. Embrace our environmentally-friendly cutlery and contribute positively to our planet. Start shopping now and become part of the movement towards a more sustainable future!