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Disposable Plates

Disposable plates and cups are supplied by Catering24 in various materials, from paper plates to bagasse plates. 

The disposable plate has been a staple in the catering industry for decades as a pivotal component of disposable tableware. This category includes not only plates but also disposable plates and cups, as well as disposable plates and bowls. They are especially handy for outdoor events such as BBQs, birthday parties, and weddings. Imagine the convenience of using a plate that eliminates the hassle of washing dozens after use. One can avoid the repetitive washing cycles often required to prevent cross-contamination between courses. Catering24 is a premier food packaging supplier in the UK, supplying a vast range of items, from wholesale disposable plates to cups, catering to varied businesses from street food vendors to upscale hotels and restaurants.

Martin Keyes of New Hampshire, USA, invented the disposable plate. His inspiration stemmed from the need for a pie plate, prompting him to research moulded pulp from fibres. The result? The first paper dinner plate was born in 1904. His enterprise, The Keyes Fibre Company, subsequently developed the pioneering machine for this purpose. Fast-forward 118 years, and we see the rise of Chinet, now a leading brand in the disposable tableware industry.

Most disposable plates, whether plates and bowls or plates alone are crafted from pulp fibres or bagasse. Both materials are environmentally conscious choices as they are recyclable and commercially compostable.

What's the distinction between bagasse and paper? Both bagasse plates and paper plates have parallels, such as their moulding process, their pristine white hue, and their popularity at parties and for takeaway foods. However, they differ in composition and their eco-footprint. While paper plates are recyclable, bagasse plates, made from sugarcane fibres, stand out for their biodegradability, making them a more eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene or plastic plates.

Regarding sizes, our collection of disposable plates spans four distinct dimensions, catering to both bagasse and paper plate needs. They range from 6 to 9 inches, all available for swift online purchase and next-day delivery.

Beyond paper plates, Catering24 offers alternative solutions like disposable palm leaf plates. Not only are they aesthetically appealing and robust, but they are also a green alternative to other disposable plates and cups. After their life cycle, palm leaf plates enrich the soil as they compost naturally.

At Catering24, our extensive inventory boasts a plethora of disposable tableware, including straws, platters, and wooden and plastic cutlery, suitable for a wide range of events. Our vast selection of disposable plates and cups, both for hot and cold beverages, ensures that your needs, whether for tea, coffee, or festive mulled wine, are covered. Our disposable paper cups and napkins are indispensable for those in the catering and hospitality industry. If palm leaf plates catch your eye, we have them in stock, too. Our team is at your service for more insights on our paper plate offerings. Simply checkout online for next-day delivery. Don't forget to explore our other products frequently bought alongside our paper cups, like stirrers, cutlery, other tableware, and bagasse containers.

Paper Plates

When hosting an event or party, one of the most essential items on the list is disposable paper plates. From birthday parties to BBQs, the convenience and functionality of cardboard plates cannot be denied. Fortunately, you can now order a variety of these premium paper plates online.

At our store, we offer a diverse range of paper plates that cater to various needs. From cheap paper plates that are light on the pocket, to large paper plates suitable for hearty meals, we've got it all. And if you’re looking for specific sizes, you're in luck! In addition to our regular stock of 6-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch plates, we also provide 4 inch paper plates and 10 inch paper plates, ensuring that no matter the portion size, we've got a plate for it.

For those conscious about the environment, our recycled paper plates are a godsend. Made with upmost care, these recyclable paper plates are both compostable and biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic tableware. If you're looking to buy disposable plates online, it's essential to choose a supplier committed to sustainable practices, and we pride ourselves on being one of the top paper plates suppliers online.

Remember, a celebration is never just about the plates. To ensure a comprehensive experience for your guests, don't forget to pair your disposable plates with matching cutlery and other tableware items, such as takeaway boxes and paper cups. Order all your essentials in one go to ensure seamless delivery and preparation for your big day.

So, why wait? Make your event planning hassle-free and order paper plates online with us for prompt next-day delivery. Whether you're throwing a grand celebration or a small gathering, our quality and affordable range ensures you’re always party-ready!

Compostable Plates & Biodegradable Plates

Welcome to our collection of biodegradable plates and bowls in the UK! We understand the importance of sustainable living and offer a wide range of eco-friendly tableware options that are not only functional but also kind to the environment.

Our biodegradable plates are made from natural materials such as bamboo, sugarcane, and palm leaves, ensuring that they break down easily without leaving any harmful residues behind. Similarly, our biodegradable bowls are perfect for serving soups, salads, or desserts, and are crafted from renewable resources that can be composted after use.

Whether you're hosting a party, organizing a picnic, or simply looking for everyday alternatives to single-use plastic, our biodegradable plates and bowls are the ideal choice. Join us in reducing waste and embracing a greener lifestyle with our sustainable tableware options.

In today's world, many individuals and businesses are leaning towards sustainable choices, especially when it comes to catering. Here at Catering24, we're committed to supporting these eco-conscious efforts by offering a diverse array of environmentally-friendly products.

For those who prioritise sustainability, our compostable plates are an ideal choice. Crafted to meet the needs of any eco-friendly business, these plates are a stellar way to cater to the rising number of consumers who are attentive to their carbon footprint. And if you're hosting an event, our compostable party plates will surely impress your guests, not just with their functionality, but with their green credentials too.

Should you be serving food outdoors or even indoors, rest assured knowing that these plates, including our biodegradable disposable plates and compostable paper plates, won't leave a lasting mark on our planet. Conveniently, they can be disposed of in a standard bin, ensuring they break down in an earth-friendly manner.

But our commitment doesn't stop at plates. We also offer a comprehensive range of compostable tableware, from compostable bowls and plates to cutlery, ensuring that every meal is both delicious and sustainable. Complement these eco plates with our selection of compostable cutlery, and you have the full package.

For those who might be searching for alternatives, our collection expands to include biodegradable plates and cutlery, recyclable plates, and even recyclable paper plates. And if you're specifically based in the UK and are on the hunt for eco-friendly disposable plates, our range has been curated keeping in mind local preferences and standards.

If your needs are more specific and you're keen on biodegradable paper plates or simply eco-friendly plates in general, Catering24 has got you covered. Plus, to make your experience even smoother, order any of our eco disposable plates before 9 pm, and you can expect next working day delivery!

While our compostable disposable plates are an excellent choice for many, we understand that diverse needs call for diverse options. So, if you're in the market for something slightly different, be it recyclable plates and cutlery or another form of compostable food packaging, don’t hesitate to explore our wider offerings. We’re here to ensure your catering needs are met, sustainably.