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Catering24 is the No.1 UK wholesaler for ordering your catering supplies at the best prices, service and quality products for your business. 

We offer a huge range of products to suit all types of businesses such as Streetfood Vendors, Outside Caterers, Schools, Cafes, Restaurants and many more. Catering24 pride ourselves on our website, we invest a lot of time & funds into maintaining & improving it as we realise our customers need to order their products quickly and efficiently.

Super fast delivery with late ordering times. You can order your Catering Supplies by 4 pm Monday-Friday for next working day delivery, furthermore, if your order is over £100 in value its free delivery!

Environmental packaging has become a big part of our customers' needs which is why we have a dedicated selection of Biodegradable Packaging which is plastic free. Catering24 also has a variety of recyclable packaging so we can suit all requirements of your waste provider ensuring you have a solution to your packaging waste.

Each product has details such as dimensions, volume and environmental attributes to help you decide on the best products to suit you. If you do need assistance we will be more than happy to help and can give advice on best packaging for your exact needs.

Food Packaging & Cups are first and foremost a solution to hold food and drink effectively. Keeping it warm, hygienic and comfortable to eat and drink from. However, packaging & cups can add value to your product. For example, A barista that can produce a smoothie, silky cup of coffee. One which rivals the best. Put that coffee in a white polystyrene cup and you will sell it for £1.00. Serve that same coffee in a Compostable Paper Cup and you could sell that coffee for £2.50-£3.00 as the perception of value is much greater, this may have only cost an additional 5p to achieve this higher price point.

At any time you would like help in using our website or questions on our products or service don't hesitate to contact us.


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