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Paper Cups

Paper Cups for hot drinks such as paper coffee cups with lids. Disposable Paper cups to buy online order by 9pm next day delivery. Disposable Cups with Lids.

Your Go-To Supplier for Paper Cups and Lids

Looking for top-quality paper cups for hot drinks? Look no further! Catering24 is the leading supplier of paper cups in the UK, offering an unbeatable range of disposable coffee cups. We pride ourselves on our vast stock of paper cups with lids, ensuring you get what you need when you need it.

Explore Our Range of Paper Coffee Cups and Lids including our Recyclable Coffee Cups.

At Catering24, we understand the diverse needs of businesses when it comes to disposable cups. That's why we offer an extensive selection, including:

Paper Coffee Cups

Our paper coffee cups are designed with perfection to offer the best insulation for hot beverages. Whether you're sourcing them for takeout or in-house service, we've got you covered. Our double-wall paper cups have an air gap, ensuring a safe distance between the user's hand and the hot drink, preventing any burns.

Coffee Cups with Lids

Serve your beverages with confidence using our coffee cups with lids. We offer both plastic and paper lids that fit securely, making to-go coffee a breeze. Given the significance of takeaway coffee in the UK, it's crucial for cafes to have these disposable coffee cups at the ready.

Paper Cups for Hot Drinks

Our expertise lies in delivering top-quality paper cups tailored for hot beverages. They come in varying sizes, from 8oz coffee cups to the coveted 12oz coffee cups and the larger 16oz coffee cups, allowing you to cater to all customer preferences. Notably, the 12oz size remains a favourite in the UK market.

Recyclable, Compostable, and Biodegradable Options: Our commitment to the environment shines through in our collection of eco-friendly paper cups. Whether you're looking for recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable options, we've got them all. For a sustainable choice, check out our Envirobee paper cups.

Why Choose Catering24 for your recyclable paper cups?

  • Unbeatable Variety: From recyclable to compostable and biodegradable options, our paper cups cater to every need.

  • Quality and Affordability: Crafted from top-notch materials, our paper coffee cups meet stringent industry standards, yet they're priced competitively.

  • Next-Day Delivery: Recognizing the immediate needs of businesses, we offer rapid next-day delivery services.

Discover Our Best-Selling Disposable Coffee Cups

Our kraft ripple hot cups are a favourite in the UK. They're designed with a triple-wall structure for superior insulation, ensuring utmost comfort for your customers. Plus, their rippled exterior provides an enhanced grip. They come in multiple sizes, and for those keen on branding, we have black ripple cups, with lids available in both white and black shades.

Vending cups in both paper and plastic variants are available for those using dispensers.

Your One-Stop Shop

Catering24 goes beyond just cups. Dive into our diverse collection of complementary items such as stirrers, cutlery, tableware, and eco-friendly bagasse containers.

Ready to make a purchase? Navigate through our online collection for an effortless checkout and relish our next-day delivery service. If you have questions regarding our paper cup offerings, our dedicated team is here to help. Trust Catering24 for unparalleled quality and service in all your paper cup requirements.

Compostable Paper Cups

In the UK, there's an increasing demand for sustainable solutions, especially when it comes to products like paper cups. Recognizing this, we offer a premium range of compostable cups and biodegradable cups. Crafted to meet European standards, our compostable paper cups are perfect for both hot and cold beverages, ensuring leakproof protection that are still over 99.9% plastic free

Let's dive deeper into the quality and eco-friendliness of these cups. Some compostable coffee cups and other offerings are lined with PLA, a material derived from plants. This innovative lining eliminates the need for a plastic barrier, making our biodegradable paper coffee cups and compostable coffee cups UK-friendly and ready for composting.

Choosing the Envirobee brand, ensures you're investing in some of the most sought-after paper coffee cups in the market. Renowned for their high quality, these biodegradable coffee cups UK residents have come to adore are not only environmentally friendly but also offer an unmatched drinking experience.

For those dedicated to realising their green goals, our range of compostable paper cups and lids presents an excellent solution. Specially designed for the UK's discerning consumers, these biodegradable paper cups for cold drinks and hot beverages are crafted to decompose within 12 weeks in commercial composting facilities. The added advantage? Even the lids are compostable. Gone are the days of discarding plastic lids. Our compostable cups and lids, available in cases of 1000, ensure the entire product can return to nature seamlessly.

But that's not all. Our diverse range of compostable coffee cups UK residents can rely on, comes in varying quantities, whether you need 500, 1000, or even 2000. Whether you're after a double-walled design for that extra layer of protection or a single-walled variant, we've got you covered. And to complement these cups, we've designed compostable lids, creating a harmonious, plastic-free ensemble.

Addressing the high paper cup waste in the UK, investing in our biodegradable cups and lids contributes significantly to environmental welfare and reduces single plastic use. Catering to all needs, our range extends from 4oz espresso cups to generous 16oz sizes.

To further champion sustainability, apart from our eco-friendly biodegradable coffee cups and compostable paper cup offerings, we also extend a diverse range of compostable packaging solutions. Explore our bagasse line of compostable takeaway containers and cutlery, exemplifying our commitment to a greener tomorrow.

8oz coffee cups

8oz Coffee Cups with Lids: The Perfect Choice

Dive into the versatile world of the 8oz coffee cup, ideal for daily brews or catering events.

8oz Disposable Coffee Cups: The everyday size known as the 8 oz cup is a staple for many. Paired with a lid, it becomes the ultimate spill-free companion.

8oz Paper Cups & 8 oz Recyclable Coffee Cups: For the eco-conscious, these offer an environment-friendly way to savor your drink.

Catering Coffee Cups & 8oz Takeaway Cups: Whether you're hosting an event or running a café, these options ensure convenience and style for every occasion.

In the diverse universe of disposable cups with lids, the 8oz stands out for its perfect blend of function and design. Choose wisely, choose the 8oz.