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Paper Cups

Paper Cups for hot drinks such as paper coffee cups with lids. Disposable Paper cups to buy online order by 9pm next day delivery.

Are you searching for good paper cups for your hot drinks? We are a top supplier of paper cups in the UK, and we have many coffee cups for you to choose from.

Explore Our Paper Coffee Cups and Lids

At Catering24, we understand that businesses have different needs. That's why we offer various options, like:

  1. Paper Coffee Cups: Our cups keep your hot drinks warm and are great for takeout or in your shop. They won't burn your hand because we designed them to be safe.
  2. Lids for coffee cups make it easy to take your coffee on the go, especially for takeout orders.
  3. Paper Cups for Hot Drinks: We specialize in making good cups for hot drinks in different sizes, such as 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz. Many people in the UK love our 12oz cups.
  4. Eco-Friendly Choices: We value the environment, so we offer cups that you can recycle or compost. Check out our Envirobee cups for an eco-friendly option.

Why Choose Catering24 for Your Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups?

We offer:

  • A wide variety of choices, whether you want to recycle or go green.
  • Quality cups at affordable prices.
  • Quick delivery to meet your needs.

Discover Our Popular Coffee Cups for Takeaway Coffee

Many people in the UK enjoy our kraft ripple hot cups. They keep your drink hot and are comfortable to hold. We have different sizes, and you can even add your logo. We also have vending cups for machines.

One-Stop Shopping

We also carry other items like stirrers, cutlery, and eco-friendly containers made from bagasse.

Order Online with Next Day Delivery

Our website is easy to use, and we deliver quickly. If you have any questions about our cups, our team is here to help. Trust Catering24 for great cups and great service.

Go Green with Compostable Paper Cups

In the UK, many people want eco-friendly options for paper cups. That's why we have cups that you can compost. They're suitable for hot or cold drinks and are free from excessive plastic.

Let's talk more about these cups. Some of them have a lining called PLA, which comes from plants and eliminates the need for plastic. Our cups are a perfect fit for the UK, and you can compost them easily.

If you choose Envirobee, you're getting some of the best cups in the UK. They are of good quality, environmentally friendly, and provide a great drinking experience.

Our compostable cups and lids are a smart choice for those who value the environment. They break down in just 12 weeks in special composting facilities, and the lids are compostable too, so you don't need plastic ones. You can buy them in packs of 500 and 1000 to meet your business needs.

We have plenty of compostable coffee cups available in different quantities. We also offer double-walled cups for extra insulation and single-walled cups. Plus, we have compostable lids, giving you a complete plastic-free set.

Helping the UK Reduce Paper Cup Waste

We are aware of the paper cup waste issue in the UK. That's why our biodegradable disposable paper cups and lids are excellent choices. Our sizes range from 4oz to 16oz.

To be even more eco-friendly, we also offer other compostable products like bagasse containers and cutlery. We commit to making tomorrow greener.

The Handy 8oz Coffee Cups

Let's discuss the 8oz coffee cups. They are perfect for everyday use and events.

  • Disposable Coffee Cups: The 8oz cup is convenient for many people, and it comes with a spill-free lid.
  • Paper Cups & Recyclable Coffee Cups: If you care about the environment, you can recycle these cups.
  • Catering Coffee Cups & Takeaway Cups: Whether you have an event or a cafe, these cups are a great choice.


Some frequently asked questions:

Are Paper Cups Microwaveable?

No, paper cups are not suitable for microwaving as the liner will melt and could damage the integrity of the cup causing it to collapse. Please do not put paper cups in your microwave.

How long do paper cups last?

We advise that a box of paper cups lasts up to 2 years if stored in a dry area. If they are stored in damp conditions or with weight on top of the box it could damage the cups inside causing them to leak when used. If you are using a compostable paper cup we advise to use these within 1 year.

Are paper cups safe for hot drinks?

Yes, our paper cups are designed for hot drinks and are rigorously tested for quality control. You can boil a kettle and pour in the water without the cup leaking. That said, if you use a single walled paper cup you will find the cup too hot to handle without a cup sleeve. We would advise upgrading to a double wall cup which helps reduce the heat feel to the touch.

Can I bake cupcakes in a paper cup?

No, please don't do this. The cups are not designed to be placed in an oven at high temperatures.

Can I mix resin or paint in paper cups?

Yes, we have customers who we know do this and have not reported problems. However, we have not tested this directly ourself and would advise you test your particular materials you wish to mix.

Can you make jello shots in paper cups?

Yes, you would be able to pour jello mix into a paper cup and the boiling water with the cup keeping its integrity. 

Can you reuse paper cups?

No, they are designed for single use and are not able to be hygienically washed after use.