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Bulk Catering Christmas Crackers

Explore Catering Christmas crackers, perfect for festive tables. Environmentally friendly designs in various sizes. Bulk Christmas Crackers at low prices.

Welcome to our collection of Catering Christmas crackers! We understand the importance of celebrating the festive season while also being mindful of our planet. That's why we offer a wide range of Bulk Christmas crackers, perfect for wholesale purchases.

Our crackers are made from sustainable materials and are completely plastic-free, ensuring that you can enjoy the festivities guilt-free. Whether you're hosting a holiday party or looking for unique gifts, our Wholesale Christmas crackers are the perfect choice.

They are not only environmentally friendly but also beautifully designed, adding a touch of elegance to your celebrations. From recyclable options to crackers made from recycled materials, we have something for everyone.

By choosing our eco-friendly crackers, you can make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on the joy and excitement of Christmas. So go ahead and browse our collection of wholesale eco crackers, and let's make this holiday season sustainable and memorable!

Wholesale Christmas Crackers

Our restaurant-quality luxury Christmas crackers are now available for pre-order! Here at Catering24, we're eager for the festive season. We pride ourselves in offering a diverse range of Christmas table decorations. We love seeing our catering industry customers preparing for the Christmas festivities and using our products for their Christmas dinner tables.

One of the staples of a Christmas table setting in the UK is the classic Christmas cracker, which has been a tradition for many decades. And of course, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned Christmas cracker joke? We have a range of bulk Christmas crackers suitable for any festive dinner table.

What makes our Christmas Crackers special?

Here at Catering24, we ensure our customers receive the best quality catering disposables. We meticulously source the finest products at competitive prices, especially during the Christmas season. We aim to provide the best for your business during this festive time, offering products with a rich history and tradition.

This season's luxury Christmas crackers come in a wide variety of modern and festive designs in sizes that will complement any table setting and decor.

Our Luxury Christmas Cracker Designs

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Cracker for the holidays? All our Christmas crackers include a party hat, a joke, and either a puzzle, a cracker trinket, or tree ornament. These crackers range in size from 7-14 inches, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every dinner table. Moreover, our range is environmentally friendly, with even the gifts inside being recyclable.

Deluxe Christmas Crackers

Our extensive deluxe range accommodates most Christmas table themes, offering designs from snowflakes to glitter pinecones. For those who prefer classic colors, options are available in gold, white, silver, red, green, rose gold, and navy blue. These deluxe crackers range from 12-14 inches and contain a wooden Christmas tree ornament, a paper hat, and a joke.

Foil Board Crackers

Our foil board Christmas crackers provide a gleaming touch to any festive table. They typically measure 12 inches and include either a 3D Christmas tree ornament or a wooden one, along with a paper hat and a joke.

Embossed Foil Crackers

For those seeking wider options, our 12-inch wide Barrel Luxury Christmas Crackers are available in both silver and gold with a shimmering effect. Each cracker contains a 3D tree ornament, a party hat, and a joke. Some designs even offer catchy slogans or are inspired by gemstone shapes. These crackers are versatile and can be used throughout the festive season, leading up to New Year's Day.

Non-Foil Christmas Crackers

Our non-foil Christmas crackers, made from recycled board, are fully recyclable. Options range from 11-inch striped crackers to 9-inch Christmas Tree and Wreath designs.

Eco-Charity Christmas Crackers

Our Eco-Crackers are available in various designs and sizes, making them a great addition to any table setting. They are also eco-friendly. When you purchase any from this line, a portion of the sale goes directly to the Trussell Trust, which supports a nationwide network of food banks.

Children's Christmas Crackers

Our children's line features Snowman, Reindeer, and Santa 7-inch crackers made from recycled board. They're eco-friendly, contain no snap, and once opened, reveal festive stickers, a paper hat, and a joke.

Our Wholesale Christmas Crackers pair wonderfully with our Christmas range of napkins and paper tablecloths and runners. Explore our entire Christmas range on our website. For any questions or advice regarding our Christmas Cracker selection, our friendly customer service team at 0115 9444434 is here to help.