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The Good Cup is available for bespoke print runs for your brand, minimum run starts at 100,000 units per size. Contact Us.

What is The Good Cup?

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The Good Cup - No Lids Required

What is The Good Cup?

The Good Cup is an innovative, sustainable alternative to traditional single-use cups, featuring a unique design that eliminates the need for plastic lids.

It is made entirely from paper, with a special coating that makes it fully recyclable and home-compostable. Designed for convenience, it's easy to fold, assemble, and securely lock, making it spill-proof and perfect for both hot and cold beverages. This cup offers an eco-friendly solution to reduce waste and environmental impact.

The Good Cup represents the latest innovation to tackle the global plastic crisis. With its patented design, it is poised to transform the lifecycle of single-use paper cups—from production and usage to recycling.

The impact of THE GOOD CUP’s use is far-reaching and varied, from creating significant savings at the point of production and increasing brand awareness to its most crucial and necessary impact – helping to alleviate the environmental crisis by removing plastic, one lid at a time.

Stopping Plastic Waste

Globally, over 500 billion single-use cups are produced annually, leading to over 1 million tonnes of plastic lid waste. Often made from hard-to-recycle petroleum-based plastics, these lids exacerbate landfill issues and recycling inefficiencies.

We aim to eliminate plastic in takeaway cups, addressing the growing demand for sustainable solutions. The Good Cup, featuring a Flustix-certified plastic-free paper coating, offers an innovative ecological alternative that simplifies recycling and provides a greener drinking experience.