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Burger Boxes & Burger Packaging

Burger boxes for delivery takeaway. Burger packaging made from cardboard. Shop our range of Burger box packaging.

Single, double, triple even? Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese or no cheese, the options of a burger or never ending! We stock a wide variety of burger boxes and takeout containers to suit your burger needs. Kraft or white, card or compostable bagasse, our burger boxes are one of our main line stocks so whatever takeaway container you wish to purchase, we’ll have the right food packaging that’s perfect for street food vendors, delis, and takeaway fast food restaurants.

The first burger dates back to the 1880s, and the inventor of the burger is up for argument though. One thing that is all agreed is that the first burger originated from the United States. From St Louis to Wisonsin and Connecticut, there’s is little in written history to prove the multiple claims made by various families on who had invented the original order. What we do know is that the burger is a fast food staple today, easily accessible, and produced differently depending on the type of business.

What is the purpose of the burger boxes?

The main purpose of takeaway burger boxes to keep the takeaway food warm and safe from becoming squished and mishapen, Although our burger boxes can also be used for cold food too! The typical clamshell container wasn’t invented until 1974 by Jon Huntsman Jr. who approached Burger King, it wasn’t until McDonalds saw Burger King’s packaging that they then adopted a similar clamshell design for their Big Mac before this time, many fast restaurants serving takeout were using brown paper bags and burger wraps. Today, there a few materials that are made in this iconic clamshell design from polystyrene, to bagasse to kraft paper card and there is a choice out there for any business. We also stock a range of chip scoops, food bags, and napkins to match the burger boxes.

What are the different types of burger boxes that are available?

Whether it be clamshell, an open burger box or food tray, we have a range of different types of food boxes to suit every occasion.

Our kraft burger boxes are made from kraft food grade paperboard making them perfect for recycling. This are available in two different sizes, large burger box and extra large burger box.

Our eco-friendly sugarcane bagasse burger boxes are perfect for those looking for a sustainable takeaway box that is eco-friendly. Available as a clamshell design and perfect for almost any hot food, these are the perfect option for a lot of businesses (SKU:AZ007).

The premium single brown kraft burger box is made from tough rigid cardboard. This particular burger box has four holes on the top of the box to allow the burger exude steam, preventing the burger from going soggy. The box opens to provide the customer with an eating platform. (SKU:CW153). These premium large burger meal boxes are perfect for serving up a juicy burger for food delivery or takeaways. They come with vented holes at the top which is perfect for keeping burgers fresh. These burger meal boxes are made of sturdy food-grade cardboard which can be considered widely recyclable and delivered to you as a flat pack, perfect for those who businesses who need the extra space and easy are to make up. The dimensions for these boxes are 240 x 122 x 120 mm.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option to a burger box, we stock a range of burger wraps. Burger wraps are colourful pieces of greaseproof paper, this is similar to what you would typically find at a fast food burger joint such as McDonalds or Burgerking and are great space saving option for business stuck for storage space. These are a great cost effective option but do not give the burger breathability like a box and burgers are not protected. An example of the burger wrap SKU would be CH021.

Another popular alternative to the burger box are the kraft burger trays. Street food vendors tend to favour the kraft burger trays due to their versitility. They don’t need to only be used for burgers, but can also be used for fries and desserts. We have two depth options when it comes to choose these food trays, depending on the height of the burger or the amount of foods you which to serve. (SKU CW290 & CW291).

We also stock a small range of HP6 burger boxes made from polystyrene. Available in both white or champagne, these boxes do not allow breathability of the food product and are currently the least sustainable and eco-friendly option of burger boxes (SKU:CC024).

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How much to burger boxes cost?

Our burger box range varies in cost depending on the type of burger box you choose to pruchase. Our cheapest option of burger box is the kraft burger box for as low as £56 excluding VAT for a box of 500. Where as our more premium burger box goes up to £14.50 for a box of 100.

What are the dimensions of a burger box?

The dimensions of a burger box vary depending on the type of burger boxes you decide to purchase. Range from 155mm to 122mm in size.

Are you looking for other food containers such as noodle boxes, cake boxes and chip boxes, tableware or pizza boxes? Checkout our full range of catering disposables on our website. Free next day delivery is available on orders over £100 not incl. VAT. If you require further advise do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team on 0115 9444434.