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Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes for Sale at Wholesale prices. Shop a variety of sizes 7 inch pizza boxes, 9 inch pizza boxes, 10 inch pizza boxes & 12 inch pizza boxes plus more. We love a pizza box!

Pizza Boxes Wholesale

Pizza has been a staple of delivered/takeaway foods in th UK for decades. In 2022 there are 6339 business in the UK selling pizzas, with the current market size worth an estimated £3.24million and a massive 5 billion pizzas sold each year with Oxford being the city who appears to consume the most pizza in the UK. The UK’s most popular jaunt for pizza is Pizza Hut with it’s own delivery service. Dominos and Pizza Express are second and third place for Britain most popular pizza place.

With these huge statistics, it’s no wonder one of our most popular forms of hot food packaging in the pizza box. Available as a plain brown pizza box, an Italian design as well as a red simple pizza box design.

Disposable Pizza Boxes are available from 7" to 18" and come in a printed designed box perfect for take-out pizza or for delivery or a kraft corrugated cardboard available in plain kraft.

The pizza box has been one of the most popular high quality takeaway pizza boxes in the market since the rise of the popularity of pizza menus in local pubs as well as the existing night trade takeaways.

Our pizza boxes are eco friendly and sustainable, they are compostable and biodegradable boxes are suitable for transport and are standard industry sizes to fit in hot bags for delivery to your customers. They are double skinned meaning that any grease that does come from the pizza won't leak through for some time.

The pizza box will also keep the pizza hot due to its double skin and tight-fitting clasp flip lid. 

These pizza boxes aren't just for pizzas however, we have many customers using these for multiple other takeaway and delivery food such as cold food gift boxes for chocolates, brownies or even flatbreads and fruit boards. If you need a stable and strong pizza box for use as anything then this is what you need.

The compostable corrugated cardboard boxes are also used as postal boxes that are sent via royal mail for a variety of purposes and make great strong postage boxes.

Top tips for choosing your pizza box.

  • Make sure you have measured carefully the diameter of your food. Portion control is important and you need to get your ingredients consistent in order to make sure it fits into the box you have bought.

  • Don't forget side orders! Smaller brown pizza boxes work great for side dishes to accompany your main dish.

  • Plain pizza boxes are great for use with multiple types of food and products not just for pizza! These can used as typical food boxes such as sharing platters.

  • The depth of pizza boxes are all the same and are standard industry size


What is the size of a pizza box?

It all depends on the size of the pizza that was being prepared. Usually pizza boxes are sold in sizes that the pizza would fit into. The sizes we currently sell are 9, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches available with or without a design.

What is the difference between a pizza box and a pizza slice?

The difference between a pizza box and pizza slice, is that a pizza box would fit a whole pizza in and used mainly for takeaways and delivery whereas a pizza slice would tend to servea single slice of pizza. A pizza slice would be great for catered events such as weddings, birthdays and simlilar celebrations where a single slice of pizza would be served. You can find a pizza slice on our pizza boxes page, with a simple design on the bottom.

What is a pizza box?

A pizza box is the best form of food storage when it comes to pizza, using rigid cardboard with vents and secure clips, they are predominately created using cardboard and displayed as a plain brown food packaging. The cardboard provides the pizza with protection when being transported. Thought to have originally be created around the 1950s by Dominos to serve and deliver pizzas.

How many people can a pizza box feed?

Depending on the size of the pizza of course, the following sized pizzas are recommended when serving pizzas:

  • 10” pizza would serve around 2-3 people

  • 12” pizza would serve around 3-4 people

  • 14” pizza would serve around 3-5 people

  • 16” pizza would serve around 5-6 people

  • 18” pizza would serve around 6-7 people

What are pizza boxes made from?

Most pizza boxes are made from 3 layers of brown cardboard corragated together to form a rigid sheet. The cardboard is then folded, and cut to create a ‘flat pack’ version of itself and boxed up. When the end user goes to use the fold they will fold to form the finished pizza box.

Is a pizza box microwavable?

No, we do not consider a pizza box to be microwavable as it’s made up from cardboard it would most likely cause a fire hazzard. The best option is to prepare the pizza in the oven and use the pizza box only as a transportation device.

How many pizza boxes come in a pack?

Depending on the size of the pizza box, usually the larger inch pizza box, the smaller qty but usually the pack sizes are between 50 and 100 per pack.

What is the most popular topping?

The world’s most popular topping is Pepperoni whilst coming in as second favourite is sausage.

We do not currently stock food delivery bags to fit pizza boxes but we do sell pizza tripod supports, large carrier bags, pizza greaseproof liners, pizza slice packaging and aluminium foil normally bought with pizza boxes. Checkout our full range of food containers, disposable cutlery and cake boxes online today for next day delivery if ordered before 9 pm Monday to Friday and free delivery is available when spend over £100 not inc. vat. If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer services team on 0115 9444434.