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Plastic Food Containers with Lids

Plastic food containers with lids from Catering24.co.uk. Plastic Takeaway Containers with Lids are great value disposable food containers. Recyclable plastic food containers at low prices.

Catering24 supply a range of high-quality disposable and microwavable plastic containers with lids at low prices, ideal for storing or serving takeaway food that can be reheated. Our stock also includes deli pots, compartment trays, and much more to suit the needs of your business. Available to order online with next-day delivery.

Our plastic containers with lids are stackable with the heavy-duty clip lid that makes these boxes leak proof. The food containers are made from polypropylene which is recyclable and in some cases can be reusable by the end-user and are microwave safe.

Perfect for delivered food or retail, the clear plastic containers with lids make great lunch boxes that are food grade and freezer safe. They are often used in kitchens to store dry food and wet food for ease of meal prep as they make fantastic plastic storage boxes for food.

Many of the plastic food containers are clear plastic storage boxes suitable for a large number of individual ingredients.

Some of our plastic containers come with a hinged lid, please check on the product page to see if lids are included in the combi boxes or if they are separate. If you need any information before checkout, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to help.

Our plastic containers are perfect for food delivery and takeaway businesses. These takeaway containers are so versatile they can be used for both hot or cold food, wet and dry foods and are both microwavable and freezer friendly. These are best sellers when it comes to food storage solutions. Most of our plastic containers come in 250 pcs as a pack of container tubs and plastic lids.

What is the purpose of these containers?

These stackable leakfproof food containers are perfect for transporting food to the customers without the risk of leaking. Made from PET, a similar molecular make up to polypropylene, PET is a leading plastic in food packaging which is recyclable. Other products created using PET are deli pots, PET tubs, bottles, and larger food grade storage containers. The benefit of using PET is that its molecular make up makes the plastic safe to use in food.

What is the function of a lid?

The function of the clear lid is to ensure the food contents do not leak whilst in transit from the restaurant to the customer, they also act as a barrier to stop food from getting contaminated from other food products and storage containers. The lids also enable customers to freeze food and with its clear lid they are able easily identify what is inside the food containers.

What are the benefits of using these containers?

There are several benefits to using these leakproof plastic containers, not only do these have the availability to recycle but users have the ability to continue to use these food containers, promoting a reduce, reuse and recycle scheme, they can easily be used for other food storage or lunch boxes. These storage containers have the following benefits:

  • Stackable - These plastic containers are easy to stock which makes them perfect for business with limited storage space, they can be placed on shelving out of the way from meal prep areas maximising the space available.

  • Heavy Duty - These food containers are made using high quality polypropylene with a locking lid, which makes the perfectly leakproof.

  • Freezer Safe - The plastic tubs are freezer safe, which means that they can be perfect for meal prep businesses that require the user to cook. They can be placed in the freezer until the user needs it.

  • Microwavable - Our food containers are microwavable, making them perfect for warming or reheating foods either by the business or by the end user.

  • Packed as food storage containers set - These takeaway food containers come with plastic tubs and plastic lids so you don’t need to order them as separate products.

Our plastic food containers currently are not dishwasher safe.

What is the main concern about plastic containers with lids?

Most people think about the environmental impact of purchasing and using disposable products such as takeaway cups, food storage containers and food boxes. At Catering24 we strive to provide people with the most environmentally friendly catering disposables. A lot of the products we sell are recyclable or compostable. To help our customers and end users, we have created an eco property glossary and have label all of our products with an eco property so that our customers are able to make an informed choice when browsing the website for catering products such as plastic food storage containers. A link to our eco glossary can be found here. The other concern of these storage tubs is that they are not breathable and currently do not contain a breathing hole, but this is a great option for those food storage containers that have a sealing requirement.

What sizes are currently available?

Currently, we have the following sizes in stock and available to order. Our stock levels are live so there is no back ordering process for these products.

  • 500cc is our smallest plastic takeaway food container. Perfect for small starters or sides.

  • 650cc is our second smaller size and one of our most popular food containers perfect for serving up a variety of dishes.

  • 750cc is our other most popular size and perfect for larger single portions.

  • 1000cc is our large plastic takeaway food containers with lid. This product would work well for sharing foods or foods that are prepared that require space between the food and the lids.

To check out our full range of takeaway food packaging, disposable cups, cutlery, tins, and food and kitchen storage solutions, view our web page at catering24.co.uk. If you have any queries regarding our products or wish to discuss ordering these on a pallet quantity, feel free to contact a member of our friendly customer services team on 0115 9444434. We offer free next day delivery on orders placed before 7pm over £100 not inc. VAT.


Environmentally Friendly Food Containers with Lids

We offer eco-friendly food containers and lids as part of our offering to help each business and consumer place a higher priority on sustainable packaging. This is why we provide a selection of biodegradable and compostable microwavable containers to suit the catering, takeaway and hospitality sectors.

Place an order today and take advantage of our great prices and next-day delivery service. For more information, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Plastic Containers With Lids

These containers are typically used for food storage, packaging takeout or delivery meals, and organising small items.

They are often made from various types of plastic like PET, PP, and HDPE, known for their durability and food safety.

Many plastic containers are designed for multiple uses, but always check the manufacturer's recommendations.

Other takeaway containers come with lids to protect your food en route. Choose between cardboard boxes with built-in lidsplastic tubs with clear lids or foil trays with disposable cardboard lids. These different options work well with different types of food. The plastic tubs are well-suited to Chinese and Indian dishes, while deli dishes can work well in lidded cardboard boxes.