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Deli Containers & Deli Pots

Deli Pots with lids and hinged lids, in a variety of sizes. Deli Containers are for storage and serving food or use in kitchen portions.

Welcome to our wide range of deli pots with lids, perfect for all your food storage needs. Whether you're a catering business or simply looking to store leftovers at home, our deli containers are the ideal solution. Made from high-quality plastic, these pots are durable and leak-proof, ensuring your food stays fresh and secure.

With various sizes available, including 2oz portion pots, you can easily portion out your meals or snacks. Our deli pots with lids are also great for packaging and selling your delicious homemade treats. Browse our selection of deli packaging in the UK and enjoy the convenience and versatility of our deli tubs. Shop wholesale for even greater savings. Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to organized food storage with our reliable and affordable deli pots.

Our selection of portion and deli pots offers a convenient and practical solution for your food packaging needs. Whether you're looking for portion pots for sauces and dressings or deli pots for salads and prepared meals, we have a range of sizes and materials to suit your requirements.

Portion Pots: Our portion pots come in various sizes, including 2oz and 4oz options, allowing you to control portion sizes effectively. If sustainability is a priority for your business, we offer compostable, biodegradable, and PLA portion pots that are environmentally friendly. Additionally, we provide disposable paper portion pots that are both practical and eco-conscious.

Deli Pots: When it comes to deli pots, we have a diverse range of sizes to accommodate different food items. Our collection includes 2oz, 1oz, 8oz, and 12oz deli pots, each designed to meet specific portion requirements. For added convenience, we offer deli pots with lids, allowing for secure storage and transportation of your products.

Materials: In line with our commitment to sustainability, we offer biodegradable and compostable deli pots that help reduce environmental impact. These pots are made from renewable resources and will naturally break down over time. Additionally, our PLA deli pots are derived from plant-based materials, offering a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic.

Wholesale Options: If you require a large quantity of portion or deli pots, we provide wholesale options to ensure you have an ample supply for your business. By purchasing in bulk, you can save on costs while maintaining a consistent inventory of packaging solutions.

Versatility and Convenience: Whether you run a restaurant, food service establishment, or catering business, our portion and deli pots offer versatility and convenience. They are ideal for serving condiments, sauces, soups, salads, side dishes, and more. The hinged deli pot options are especially convenient for takeout orders or food delivery services.

In conclusion, our portion and deli pots provide the perfect solution for portion control, food packaging, and storage needs. With a variety of sizes and environmentally friendly options available, you can find the ideal pots to meet your business requirements. Explore our range of portion and deli pots today and elevate your food packaging game.