Virgin Sport to use 100% Recyclable Cup for 2019 Events

Author: Oliver Lloyd - Director 

1-2 min read

2nd July 2020


Virgin Sport, founded by Sir Richard Branson & co-founder Freddie Andrewes, has committed to using 100% Recyclable Cup made with earthcoating for 2019 events and becomes first sporting events company in the UK to use the 100% Recyclable Cups.

Catering24 will be supplying the 100% Recyclable Cup in a single-walled 8oz for use at the water stations for the runners in place of plastic or PE lined paper cups. The first event of the year for Virgin Sport will be the Hackney Half Marathon where over 20,000 runners will be participating in the event on the 19th May 2019.

Plastic cups & PE lined paper cups used on marathons throughout the UK each year results in millions of cups going to landfill. Sporting event organisers face this challenge of being regulated to provide water stations and convenience of drinking on the go whilst meeting environmental and sustainable goals of participants & consumers.


The 100% Recyclable Cup is made with earthcoating. The recyclable cup is engineered to be recyclable through traditional paper & card recycling facilities throughout the UK & Europe. Paper mills do not need to change or invest in new machinery to process the cups and the material is very profitable for them to do so being high-quality paper which can be recycled up to 7 times.

Virgin Sport will be reducing cups in 2019 going to landfill by using 400,000 100% Recyclable Cups for all their events. The decision by Virgin Sport makes them the first sporting events company to use the 100% Recyclable Cups in the UK.


The 100% Recyclable Cup alternative to compostable PLA paper cups & PE lined standard paper cups were no match for the credentials & suitability of the 100% Recyclable Cups. See the article on Paper Cup Waste – The Facts & The Solution for more information.

100% Recyclable Cups are available in 8oz, 12oz & 16oz sizes off the shelf in packs of 500. All cafes, universities, public authorities and any business in the UK buying a paper cup should consider the 100% Recyclable Cup to help reduce landfill waste. The paper cups are in commercial volumes and commercially viable at low costs per cup.


Order online or call 01159444434 to place an order.

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