Our top tips to get you planned for a no lockdown Christmas


Our top tips to get your business ready for the festive period!

Christmas is usually a very busy time of year for our customers. Last year saw dine-in catering businesses shut their doors over Christmas, with many finding this year difficult to re-adjust and get back on track. This has had a devastating effect on the foodservice sector with bookings from 2020 Christmas parties, family dinners, and get-togethers canceled.

Christmas this year sees a more positive picture and whilst COVID cases are forecast to rise during the colder months ahead, the government has announced that there are currently no plans for harsh restrictions in pubs, restaurants, and cafes, except for potential mandatory mask-wearing indoors. We’re positive that this year we’ll see higher Christmas bookings rates within the food sector with more people looking to make up for last year’s rather modest festive period.

Planning these increases is key. So, where do you start? Here are some, key points to consider when planning your busy festive period?


Promote your business as much as you can. This doesn't have to be an expensive project. You can start out by creating festive media content and share across the social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as internal advertisement.

Social Media is a great way to showcase your food, started experimenting with your Christmas menu, and start snapping away!

A way to encourage social interactions would be to post plenty of content (not too much), ask questions, conduct polls and go one further by running a small Christmas competition.

You could ask customers on what they would look forward to when dining at your place.



Start to think about creating a menu that works for you and your business whilst making it appealing to the customer. 

Think about its transit to customers or how that dish will be served for dine-in customers. Will you choose a menu that the customer can heat when it's delivered to them or will you be delivering your food products hot? 

If it's delivered to the customer to complete, think about using photos of what it would look like if it were served at your location, and don't make it too tricky for the customer.

You can also think about meal deals, starter, main and dessert or just two courses? 

Whatever you choose to serve this Christmas, make sure it works for you.


Do your research and get inspired and the latest Christmas trends for 2021. 

Web Sites like Pinterest and Foodgawker are a great place to start. Start to think about all the elements that make a food business exciting and inviting. 

If you're a takeaway business, your focus will solely be on the delivery and great cooked food, packaged and presented delectably.

For those who have a dine-in space, your space is needed to feel warm, inviting, and festive. There are some great ideas on Pinterest on some wonderfully decorated spaces to help get you inspired. 



Plan your packaging and tableware for takeaways and dine-ins. Will you decide to look at Christmas takeaway packaging such as our Christmas Cups or take a look at our range of festive Christmas Crackers and tableware?

A customer will remember you if you present them with quality takeaway packaging, think about potential leakages and durability, and what would be the best packaging if you're looking at serving food up with gravy or soups. 

Other things to consider this festive season...

By now, your business should be fully integrated with Natasha's law and are compliant with food labels and warnings, but if your looking for a little helper during this busy festive period, have you seen the datecodegenie? 

It's great to publish your packaging is environmentally friendly. Think about advising the customer on how to dispose of the packaging. 

Lastly, enjoy this festive season, make it count for you and your business.

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