Catering24 Carbon Negative Promise

Author: Oliver Lloyd - Director 

4-5 min read

20th September 2021

We are really pleased to announce that following our appraisal, we are now certified carbon negative!

Earlier this year, we pledged to evaluate our carbon emissions as a company and be certified carbon negative by 2022, through our carbon-negative promise. Climate change is important, and we all need to be doing our bit. 

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Catering24 has committed to be certified Carbon Negative by 2022 through its Carbon Negative Promise.

The business has been reviewing its carbon output since 2020 through measures and certified by 3rd party experts who have advised Catering24 in a reduction in carbon emitted by its operation from all business processes through its website, offices, warehousing, deliveries, and company vehicles. This means that Catering24 will offset and remove all Carbon it emits plus a minimum of 10% additional Carbon offset. 

"We are excited to not only announce our commitment to becoming Carbon Negative but also go against the trend of leaving it for 10  more years and actually get on and achieve it as soon as possible. Climate change is important, we take it seriously and, we are proud that our business is taking real action on this issue for the benefit of its customers" Oliver Lloyd, Director Catering24

Once achieved it will mean that all deliveries made by Catering24 will be Carbon Negative giving customers confidence in its supplier to be responsible for its contribution to climate change. Customers will be able to advertise to the end-user that they are using a carbon-negative supplier backed up by certification.

Carbon negative status will be achieved through business carbon reduction and the remainder offset through methods of carbon capture including protection of proportions of the Amazon Rainforest and tree planting in the UK often through collaboration with schools.

Our portfolio of carbon offset projects focuses on high quality using Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), Gold Standard CERs, Gold Standard Verified Emission Reductions (VERs), and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) certified credits. All of our projects meet the stringent requirements of the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting.

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