We are a Carbon Negative Company!

Committed to Sustainability

Earlier this year, we pledged to evaluate our carbon emissions as a company and be certified carbon negative by 2022, through our carbon-negative promise. Climate change is important, and we all need to be doing our bit. 

The business has been through an assessment of its carbon output from April 2020 - March 2021. Following on from our appraisal with CarbonFootprint.com, Catering24 has set out to do the following:

Measure -  This is an estimation of emissions of our day-to-day running. Included in this appraisal, the Carbon Footprint standard measured the electricity, heating and air-conditioning, van and company car mileage, and use of fuels. 

Aim - Once we were able to measure these emissions, we now have to look at our goals and aims. These aims need to be smart, manageable and above all, achievable. 

Reduce - Following on from our aims and the recommendation of Carbonfootprint.com, we will strive to continue to monitor and reduce our total emissions year on year. These aims to reduce our emissions include a shift towards using electric vehicles and switching to a REGO energy supplier.

Offset - Whilst we carry out our aims to reduce our annual carbon emissions, we are committed to offsetting the carbon created during our appraisal period. Included our appraisal report, it was noted that the total emissions for Catering24 are 124.47 tCO2e. Following discussions of various projects available to us, we have chosen one, that not only affects one of the worst affected areas of our world but also encourages the management of CO2 closer to home. The UK tree planting project aims to plant a tree for every tCO2e used by Catering24, this year 125 trees planted will be funded by us. Alongside this exciting UK project, and in conjunction with VERRA (Verified Carbon Standard), an additional tCO2e is offset through the VCS to guarantee the emissions reductions by reducing deforestation and degradation in the Amazon.

Communicate - We are proud to be doing our bit for the environment by offsetting our emissions as a business and we are delighted to say that we have been certified Carbon Neutral Plus by the Carbon Footprint Standard. We know that this is just a start to our carbon footprint journey, and look forward to continuing to reduce our emissions. 

Comply - We will be continuing to comply with the Carbon Footprint Standard, and look forward to assessing the next appraisal period next year.