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Sandwich Packaging

Sandwich packaging & sandwich boxes in cardboard & plastic material. Disposable Sandwich containers for takeaway such as sandwich wedges, wraps and bloomers.

Innovative Sandwich Packaging Solutions for Freshness and Appeal

Sandwich Boxes In the competitive world of sandwich packaging UK, the packaging you choose can make a big difference. Our disposable sandwich boxes are a popular choice for many businesses. Whether you need cardboard sandwich boxes for doorstop sandwiches or a sleek sandwich packaging box for baguettes, we have the right solution for you. Delivered flat and easy to assemble, these sandwich boxes offer both convenience and style.

When presenting your sandwiches, sandwich packaging box solutions are essential. A well-designed sandwich box cardboard can significantly enhance the appearance of your product. The essence of good sandwich packaging is not just about protection but also presentation. With our range of clear or plain-coloured sandwich boxes, you can showcase your food while ensuring its safety. Our array includes everything from traditional triangular sandwich boxes to modern rectangular ones.

Takeaway sandwich boxes are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a convenient solution for consumers on the go. For businesses that specialise in warm options, toastie packaging and panini packaging are also available. And it's not just about sandwiches; we have sandwich wrap packaging perfect for wraps, rolls, and more. At Catering24, we understand sandwich packing and aim to offer disposables perfect for every business.

What is the purpose of sandwich box packaging? A sandwich takeaway box is designed to protect the sandwich, ensuring it doesn't get squashed or damaged in transit. Depending on your preference, there are front-loading or rear-loading options. The design of your sandwich boxes UK can make a difference in user experience, with some designs ensuring fillings stay put, while others offer a smoother, more polished look. Sandwich packs come in different sizes, suitable for various bread types, sandwich quantities, and fillings.

When considering material options for packaging for sandwiches, you have three primary choices:

  1. Plastic Sandwich Boxes: Ideal for those looking for budget-friendly options and clarity.
  2. Cardboard Sandwich Boxes: These sandwich boxes cardboard styles come in various colours and patterns, perfect for displaying sandwiches in delis or cafes. They can be sealed in multiple ways, catering to different needs.
  3. Biodegradable Sandwich Boxes: The most eco-friendly sandwich packaging we offer, made from recyclable paper board with a compostable film.

Each sandwich takeaway packaging method has unique sealing methods, from tuck-top clasps to heat-sealing options. Depending on your business type, you can choose the packaging sandwich option that best meets your needs.

In addition to sandwich boxes, we also offer laminated sandwich bags compatible with plastic inserts, providing a stylish alternative to traditional sandwich packaging.

The origin of the sandwich box might be a bit hazy, but there's no doubt about its current significance. As the demand for convenience and sustainability has grown, so too has the design and functionality of sandwich boxes UK.

At Catering24, our focus isn't limited to sandwich boxes cardboard styles alone. We stock various catering disposables, from snack boxes to paper napkins, and even packaging alternatives for paninis and tortilla wraps.

Keep in mind, due to their materials, our sandwich boxes are not meant for the dishwasher. Make the right choice with Catering24 and ensure your food products are presented in the best way possible.