Sandwich Packaging

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Sandwich Packaging

Sandwich Packaging

Looking for sandwich packaging? We stock a wide range of sandwich wedges, baguette bags & film front bags suitable for paninis, wraps & rolls.

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Things To Consider

Catering24 sells sandwich packaging that can be used by the full spectrum of businesses in the hospitality and catering sector, such as canteens, delis, cafes and food stalls. Explore the pages above to find packaging suitable for sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, rolls and more - everything you need to protect, transport and serve lunch items.

Our range of products includes everything from traditional sandwich wedges to tortilla sleeves. Standard sandwich packaging, roll boxes, wrap boxes, tortilla sleevesbaguette trays and more are all available to purchase through the pages above. Whatever kind of food you’re selling, whether you’re happy with an open tray or you’d prefer a closed box, you can buy the packaging you need in bulk at great prices from Catering24.

The packaging you choose for your sandwiches and other lunch items will have a big impact on its presentation. The best packaging helps to sell the food by displaying it in an enticing manner. Many of our sandwich boxes are either clear or they come with plastic ‘windows,’ showing off their contents at the same time as keeping the food within secure. Our products also tend to be clear or plain-coloured, which ensures that they will work well for different food products and brands.

All of our sandwich packaging is made from clear plastic or cardboard, with the exception of our biodegradable sandwich boxes. All of the plastic and cardboard boxes are widely recycled, limiting their impact on the environment. We’re particularly proud to give our customers the option to choose biodegradable boxes, which can simply be thrown away without harming the environment.