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Paper Cups and Lids - Disposable Cups - Next Day Delivery

Paper Cups and Lids - Disposable Cups - Next Day Delivery

 Paper Cups

In this category, you'll find some of the best paper cups available on the market today. Serving hot drinks to takeaway is big business in the UK growing by over 7% in 2017 and is now worth billions. Catering24 supply many cafes and streetfood vendors serving coffee to go and rely on us for consistent coffee cups at the best prices with the convenience of next day delivery.

Paper cups have had some pressure in the media over the last 12 months for the waste that is produced. All the paper cups which Catering24 sell are recyclable or compostable through proper waste streams. If your looking for a recyclable paper cups which is suitable for all paper recycling facilities we supply the 100% Recyclable Cups made from Earthcoating.

Compostable paper cups are lined with PLA which is made out of plant material meaning there is no plastic used. This allows the cup to be composted at composting facilities around the country.

As you can see Catering24 provide a large range to suit all budgets, environmental goals, and quality.

Cup Walls

Paper cups that hold HOT beverages or soups should really be at minimum a double-walled design or use a cup sleeve, to be comfortable for use. However, single wall options are available but we would recommend a cup sleeve to match.

Popular Sizes

Paper cups generally come in two key sizes, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz cups. The most popular being the 12oz for a medium sized drink.

Best Selling Paper Cups

Without a doubt, the best and most popular paper cup in the UK is the Kraft Ripple Cups. These are fantastic value, give a quality feel which will protect customers hands from the heat.

Fully Compostable Cups

Our Edenware compostable cups are fantastic if you're looking for a sustainable solution to the paper cups with no plastic. Check out the Edenware cup options here.

Fully Recyclable Cups

Recycling disposable cups is a tough job for most recyclers because many disposable cups need their plasticised linings removed before being recycled. This means that recycling generally doesn't happen. So what better than a recyclable cup that is genuinely recyclable via normal methods? Check out our 100% Recyclable Cups range here.


Catering24 monitors pricing of their disposable coffee cups to ensure that all existing and new customers get the very best value products. We do this without compromising the quality as we know the importance of maintaining consistent takeaway coffee cup quality.