Plastic Wine Glasses

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Plastic Wine Glasses

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  1. 175ml Flair Plastic Wine Glasses Recyclable
    In stock
    175ml Flair Plastic Wine Glasses Recyclable
    Pack QTY: 250
    SKU: BM193
    £61.92 £51.60
  2. 175ml Reuseable Plastic Wine Glass CE To Line
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    175ml Reuseable Plastic Wine Glass CE To Line
    Pack QTY: 48
    SKU: BM102
    £54.70 £45.58
  3. 100% Recycled Plastic full Pint Tumbler
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    100% Recycled Plastic full Pint Tumbler
    Pack QTY: 1000
    SKU: BM105
    £107.26 £89.38
  4. 100% Recycled Plastic Half Pint Tumbler
    Out of stock
    100% Recycled Plastic Half Pint Tumbler
    Pack QTY: 1250
    SKU: BM092
    £96.60 £80.50
  5. Flexy Plastic Glasses Half Pint To Brim Recyclable
    Out of stock
    Flexy Plastic Glasses Half Pint To Brim Recyclable
    Pack QTY: 1000
    SKU: BM021
    £34.21 £28.51
  6.  Katerglass Half Pint Tumbler Recyclable
    Out of stock
    Katerglass Half Pint Tumbler Recyclable
    Pack QTY: 1000
    SKU: BM014
    £128.84 £107.37

6 Items

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Plastic Wine Glasses

Perfect tableware for your catered outdoor events, such as weddings, BBQs, birthdays and anniverseries. Our plastic wine glasses offer the perfect drinking glass solution to unbreakable glassware (shatterproof). Our plastic wine glass are made using high quality materials making them great the perfect reusable plastic wine glasses glasses too.

What are the best quality plastic wine glasses?

At catering24, we offer a wide selection of plastic glasses to suit almost any drink available to order for next day delivery if ordered before 7pm, made using the best quality plastic.

Does wine taste different in plastic vs glass?

Yes, whatever glass you drink wine from this will change the taste of the wine. Plastic used to make wine glasses is porous and obviously contains chemicals used to form the polymer plastic material. Glass has this oppsite effect, it’s non porous characteristic allows the the glass to serve as a vessel in which the wine cannot be changed.

Can wine glasses be recycled?

The short answer to this would be, yes! Our fluted short stemmed wine glass would be the perfect choice if you were looking for a recyclable disposable plastic wine glass choice. They’re sturdy, elegant, and perfect for one time use to be recylced and go perfect with our plastic champagne flutes. They are made from thin walled polysterene, these glasses are perfect for serving up toasts or welcome drinks.

What are the different types of stemware wine glasses?

Along with wine glasses, there are a mulitued of different glasses for different alocholic beverages. From champagne glasses, to tumlers and cocktail glasses we a disposable option for every glass.

The original wine glass, stems from 1400s thought to have originated from Venice, Italy where glass blowing art was at his peak. The shape you see in wine glasses that you see today are there to attack the senses.

The wine glass consists of four pieces, the rim, the bowl, stem and base or foot (althought the latter two do not count when it comes to stemless wine glasses). The rim of a wine glass allows the wine to flow of the toungue and tastebuds, allowing us to taste the grape. The bowl is the part in which the wine sits and projects the aromas found when you smell the wine. The stem of the wine glass is important for holding the glass and allowing the best part of the hand to restrict touching the bowl of the glass and warming up the chilled wine (white or rose), this is not necessarily the case when it comes to red wine which is drunk at an ambient temperature. The base or foot, allows you to keep the wine glass upright.

The size of the wine glass is depended on the type of wine being consumed as we know, wine isn’t one dimensional, requires multiple senses to be able to enjoy wines at their full potential. A white or rose wine glass is small in size in comparison to the red wine glass which is significantly larger. The smallest wine glass is usually save for dessert wines which are sweet in flavour and tend to be enjoyed at the table with the pudding or dessert course.

Most glasses take the shape of a wine glass, however they’re appearence ever so slightly altered to suit the drink. For instance, the champagne glass, is longer and narrower than a wine glass to allow the bubbles to stay for longer. A pint glass, half pint, or tumbler is slightly different in comparison to the wine glass, it takes on a conical shape, allowing for more beer.

What is the difference between acrylic glass and plastic wine glasses?

Acrylic glass is known for its extreme durability, able to withstand drops onto hard flooring without shattering like original wine glasses. Acrylic is a popular plastic commonly used to make plastic disposables due to it’s cost effectiveness. Acrylic is cheaper to manufacture on mold than glass or polycarbonate.

Acrylic comes from the term acrylonitrile and derives from natural gasses. It’s a thermplastic which is predominately petroleom based. Acrylic is used as a multiuse material, from paint to plastic and even found in fabrics. When comparing acrylic wine glasses to plastic wine glasses, the acrylic is more durable against scratches and scrapes. The best thing about acrylic plastic is that it’s recyclable!

The other option to acrylic is polycarbonate plastic,

Plastic wine glasses such as polycarbonate are 30 times stronger acrylic, hence why a lot of disposable plastic wine glasses are made from polycarbonate.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of plastic wine glasses?

There are a few benefits and disadvantages to using plastic wine glasses. Here, we will run through the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision on your disposable plastic glassware.


Both of the plastic wine glasses that we sell our marked with a CE line of 175ml the perfect measured amount when pouring a medium glass of red, white or rose wine.

Plastic wine glasses are perfect for outdoor events as they are unbreakable due to its rigid high quality of its’ material.


There are only a couple of disadvantages for plastic wine glasses. One being that they aren’t made of the real thing. In comparison to wine glasses where glass tends to hold the temperature to that of the wine, plastic wine glass do no tend to hold cold as well as that of glass. Plastic wine glasses are not considered to be dishwasher safe, these plastic wine glasses are meant for single use only. However, if you wish to handwash the plastic glasses and reuse, these plastic wine glasses will be perfect.

What is BPA-Free?

BPA is Bisphenol-A, a chemical used in plastics since the 1950s to harden them. It has been found the this particular chemical when used, can seep into the food materials causing some known health problems. BPA free products are more common in today’s market with most products advertising BPA-free.

If you wish to take a look at our full range of tableware, drinkware and cutlery, checkout out full website here or if you wish to get some advice, feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call 0115 9444434. We offer free delivery on orders over £100 not inc. VAT.