Christmas Cups

Christmas Cups

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  1.  Elf 8oz Disposable Paper Christmas Cups Recyclable - Party Pack
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    Elf 8oz Disposable Paper Christmas Cups Recyclable - Party Pack
    Pack QTY: 200
    SKU: BH360-200
    £28.44 £23.70
  2. Santa 12oz Disposable Paper Christmas Cups Recyclable - Party Pack
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    Santa 12oz Disposable Paper Christmas Cups Recyclable - Party Pack
    Pack QTY: 200
    SKU: BH361-200
    £30.67 £25.56
  3.  Elf 8oz Disposable Paper Christmas Cups Recyclable
    Out of stock
    Elf 8oz Disposable Paper Christmas Cups Recyclable
    Pack QTY: 500
    SKU: BH360
    £44.99 £37.49
  4. Santa 12oz Disposable Paper Christmas Cups Recyclable
    Out of stock
    Santa 12oz Disposable Paper Christmas Cups Recyclable
    Pack QTY: 500
    SKU: BH361
    £48.59 £40.49

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Christmas 2021 season is just around the corner and is the hot drinks & mulled wine peak season for most coffee servers. Our Christmas Cups are back again in the Santa & Elf designs giving you a high-quality double-wall paper cup to add value to your drinks. They will certainly get your customers into the festive spirit. supplies Christmas designed cups since 2016 and the feedback is fantastic. Due to this Customers who use the Disposable Christmas Cups saw an upturn in business in coffee & mulled wine sales.

Use theses takeaway coffee cups in your own business marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to really get the end-user involved.

Furthermore, the coffee cup design for the 12oz Christmas Cup is a Santa in Red, black belt with gold buckle and gold buttons to match. The design is high quality with the wording 'Merry Christmas' on the back just below a Santa hat.

Above all, Santa can't be without Santa's helper in the 8oz Christmas Cup we have the Elf design in the Green cup. We have a black belt with gold buckle, red snowflake buttons and the wording 'Merry Christmas'.

The Christmas Cups are available to order right now, secure your stock for the Christmas season. Stock is limited, hence buy now!

Perfect for hot chocolate, the Christmas cups are ideal for serving hot chocolate to go or for children's parties. If you are a business selling hot chocolate, this is the perfect cup for you. It will allow you to add value and sell at the highest prices possible during the festive period for no increase in the normal cost of your paper cups.

Available in split pack sizes these are great for the festive period serving speciality coffees leading up to Christmas. Get the buzz going about the way you're serving your cups through your own marketing and social media. Due to split packs, it makes these perfect for childrens Christmas cups at family parties, school activities and clubs for use as fun disposable tableware.

How we support you

We want all independent coffee shop and stall businesses in the UK to thrive during the festive period. This is the reason we created these takeaway coffee cups. Low prices, great Christmas design and in an eco-friendly material too, these can't be beaten.

Available free of charge is our digital marketing material for your businesses website and social media. You can print them as posters to hang up on your stall or inside your cafe or coffee shop.

What are the Christmas cups made of?

First of all, Christmas Cups are produced from the paper board with a special lining which makes them eco friendly. As a result means they are leak proof whilst holding the drinks and after use these Christmas cups are compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. These disposable cups are part of our earthpac® range which means they are sustainable.

Why not use Christmas Mug instead?

For customers dining in your cafe or coffee shop Christmas mugs and crockery may be a good solution for you during the Christmas period. However, the outlay for businesses to have Christmas design mugs for a short period of time is not possible for most.

This is where the Christmas theme paper cups come in to add some festive spirit without breaking the bank and saving up on washing up. A Christmas tea cup is easily replaced with a Christmas tea disposable cup. You can't use a Christmas mug for takeaway coffee too!

Are these Christmas Cups suitable for kids?

Yes! These are perfect Christmas Cups for kids. They are double wall to protect hands from hot drinks such as hot chocolate and are also suitable for cold drinks and soft drinks.

The small 8oz Children's Christmas cup comes in an Elf design and the 12oz in the Santa design. We have many families use our cups for kids parties and they are great for arts and crafts after use for lots of fun.

What does it mean by Double-Wall?

The Christmas Coffee Cups are double-wall. This means that there are 2 layers of paper card and an air gap between them. This gives a comfortable feel to the hand and protects the end-users hands from hot drinks. Finally, it keeps the drink hotter for longer over single-wall cups.

What pack sizes do they come in?

These Christmas takeaway coffee cups are available in quantities of 100, 200 and 500. We have a pack size to suit small family occasions or businesses using higher volume.

How many should I order?

Most noteworthy question and one that our customers ask us every year. Workout how many paper cups you use per week and times by 8. This will give you the quantity needed to serve Christmas Cups over November and December up to Christmas.

We do find that our customers do not order enough. Their Christmas Coffee sales go up during this period contributed by the Christmas designs. Ordering too little is a risk as stocks are limited.

Can I have a bulk discount?

Our pricing is very low and especially for a great value, a quality product such as the xmas cups. However, we would look at bulk pricing for orders of 50 cases or more delivered to 1 address.

Compete against Costa and Starbucks

Without a doubt, the market share of takeaway coffee is held by the giants that are Costa and Starbucks. During the festive period, Costa and Starbucks invest huge sums of money in the design of their costa Christmas cups and Starbucks Christmas cups. Hot drink sales increase over this period dramatically, especially in the speciality coffee recipes.

If an independent business wanted to have personalised Christmas cups to compete they would need to invest heavily in marketing and a high volume of cups in order to make it commercially profitable. We have created the Christmas theme paper cups for independent businesses to compete with these giants, without the commitment to high volume print runs and costs of design. You can order as little as 100 cups or 50,000 cups as and when required throughout this festive period.

Promote your festive offering with different coffee flavours and syrups for maximum profitability, use our marketing material to promote your business on social media and drive footfall to your cafe, coffee shop or stall.

Costa Christmas cups 2021

There is always a buzz to find out the new Christmas designs of the Costa cups and 2021 is no different. The design is usually leaked to the press early, part of their marketing tactics for sure. But the official launch of Christmas drinks menus will be on the 1st November 2021.

Our Christmas cups for independent businesses competing with Costa will be designed to match up better there cups. Costa and Starbucks paper cups are made with a plastic lining which makes them difficult to recycle. These cups most likely end up in landfill where it doesn't degrade for a very long time.

Our Christmas cups to compete with Costa and Starbucks are part of our earthpac® range as they are eco friendly by being compostable, recyclable and biodegradable. This gives the independent coffee shop the upper hand in competing with the likes of Costa and Starbucks. 

We will update this page with Costas and Starbucks 2021 Christmas designed cups and compare them with our own as soon as the designs are leaked.

Christmas Cups & Lids sold separately