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Cling Film & Foil

We stock a range of catering foil, film and wrapmaster dispensers. Ideal for wrapping all types of foods.

Cling film is perfect for wrapping up food and covering food containers to keep the food fresher for longer. Catering24 supply cling film in cutter box styles, as well as the Wrapmaster dispenser, cling film rolls. Wrapmaster is a cling film system which reduces waste of cling film, more hygienic and faster to use in busy kitchens.

The wholesale rolls of cling film for the kitchen are at the lowest pricing in the UK and Catering24 supply a large range of catering supplies making Catering24 a one-stop shop for products such as cling film and foil rolls.

The wrapmaster cling film and the foil is available in a 12 inch or 18 inch size (300mm or 450mm) and are extra long in the length of cling and foil making them last for a long time add with the reduction of wastage means that these become more cost effective than the cutter box styles of cling film and foil.

Along with cling film and foil Catering24 also offer parchment paper rolls which are perfect for baking.