Catering24 covers you for all those restaurant supplies you can’t do without. We specialise in bulk disposable products, giving you the best prices possible on cleaning supplies, food boxes, napkins and more. Our supplies are suitable for restaurants of all types and sizes, with different options available that allow you to pick the items that best fit your requirements. This page features some of the most useful restaurant supplies, but our wider range contains many more items that you might find useful, so stick around and explore. 


Fantastic range of essential restaurant supplies

Disposable catering supplies tend to fade into the background until the moment that they’re not there. No one pays any attention to the napkins when there’s a steady supply, but running out will cause problems fast.

Our most popular restaurant supplies include janitorial items that will help you keep kitchens and washrooms clean, food containers that are perfect for takeaway orders and small items like straws and napkins that help you give your customers the best experience possible. It’s our mission to make these items readily available and simple to replace, with next day delivery available for all orders placed before 4pm.


High quality items that every restaurant needs

Get all the essentials from in one simple online shop. Whether you’re running a large Indian restaurant with a full takeaway service or a small Italian with a handful of staff, there are a few essential items that every restaurant needs on hand at all times. Catering24 provides these items in bulk at great prices.



Keeping floors and surfaces clean doesn’t need to be a hassle when you order cleaning supplies from Catering24. We stock both cleaning equipment and disposable supplies.



Order & check pads

Help your waiting staff out with a ready supply of order and check pads. No customer likes being served the wrong food, and a simple pad can be a lifesaver.  



Paper napkins

All restaurants need napkins. Whether you want plain white or something a little different, our fantastic range of different coloured napkins are available to buy in bulk online.



Plastic food containers

Plastic food containers are essential for many restaurants that offer takeaway or delivery services, particularly if any of your meals are served with sauce! Choose from a range of sizes today.



Straws, skewers and stirrers

Whether you have a full bar or you just serve drinks with meals, having straws available is a nice touch. We also sell skewers and stirrers which can be just as essential.



Takeaway containers & trays

Pizza boxes, foil containers, cardboard trays - we sell it all. Whatever supplies your restaurant needs for its takeaway meals, you’ll find them right here.



Why choose Catering24 for restaurant supplies?

Catering24 specialises in wholesale catering disposables and equipment. Whether you need items like those on this page or you want to take a look at our wider range, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to access the products you need in the quantity that your require. Our wider range includes items like serving platters, takeaway cups, disposable cutlery and more, all of which could be essential if you offer services that require them.

We offer next day delivery to the UK mainland, with free shipping on orders of £100 or more. Even our standard delivery service will get you your order within three working days. You’ll never have to wait around for those essential items.