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Plastic Shot Glasses

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Shot Glasses

Plastic Shot glasses are great for events for serving up shots or small glasses of liqueur such as tequila, vodka or other alcoholic based drinks such as cocktail shots or grappa and is one of the most popular drinking glasses. Browse our full range of disposable glasses or drinkware on our website. Our disposable plastic shot glasses are CE marked and lined to 2cl but can hold up to 30ml which is .5 over the UK standard of a single shot, marked at 25ml, for a single or 50ml for a double shot. 

What is the function of a shot glass?

According to advanced mixology, there are five potentials origins for the infamous small glassware that has succesfully gain it’s place in the modern bar scenes to this day.

It is known, that the first time shot glass is mentioned is well over 100 years ago, with the first origin dating all the way back to the 1800s where men working down in the mines would trade bullets for small of amounts of alcohol such as bourbon or whiskey in small glasses. The second theory stipulates that these shot glasses weren’t originally created for liqueur but instead were use to store shot from hunted animals such as game and deer, which contains small ball pieces (originally made from lead). When preparing the meat, this glass was used to collect the ‘shot’ from the animal. Another article stipulated that these shot glasses would be laid at a dinner table so that dinner guest were able dispose of the shot of lead into the glassware.

What do different countries like to drink using a shot glass?

The shot glass will most likely be seen during the UK nightlife scene, with many people choosing to socially drink for shot glass with friends. A range of different alcoholic beverages are used in the UK, from Tequila to Vodka to cocktails.


Russias liked to drink their vodka in a shot glass, served almost defineately on it’s own with no mixer or water. Russians tend to store their vodka in the freezer due to it’s high alcohol temperature, the drink will be chilled but won’t freeze and is said to increase the flavour of the vodka.


Italians like to use shot glasses to serve up limoncello. Usually stored in the freezer similiar to Russian vodka. Limoncello is a type of liquor made from lemons. Limoncello is made up of lemon zest, sugar and vodka.


Schnapps is often served in small shot glasses, and is served usually after large, heavy meals to aid digestion and help breakdown the food in the stomach. Schnapps are 80% proof, making them extremely alcoholic, and usually flavoured using fruit such as apples, pears or plums.


Tequila is one of the most common alocholic drinks served in small glasses and shot glasses, dervied from the blue agave plant commonly found in the region of Tequila, just over 60 kilometres outside of Guatalajara. It’s earthly taste and high alcohol content makes it one of the most popular drinks served in shot glasses.

Lesser known drinks served across Europe include Rakija which originates from Bulgaria and Becherovka which hails from the Czech Republic. It’s easy to see why shot glasses are one of the most populate types of glassware.

Are there different types of shot glasses you can buy?

Yes, over the years the shot glass has maintained it’s size but altered in shape depending on the type of alcohol that is being served. Here’s a run down of the different shaped drinkware.

  • Boston Shot Glass 25ml has a sturdy heavy base and is fluted towards the top. This type of shot glass is one of the more popular shapes seen today usually is b ars serving up shots or using as shooter cocktail glasses.

  • Cheater Shot Glass has a large heavy base, and it’s name is base on the amount of liquid the glass holds. Due to it’s large glass base, the glass is made to look like it holds more liquid that it does. This is the most popular drinking shot glass typically used as cocktail glasses or slammers such as the B52 or espresso martini shot.

  • Tall shot glasses take on a unique shape of the being slim and tube-like these are sometimes known as shooter glasses in the US. These are an elegant style of shot glass most found in upmarket hotels and restaurants. There are some unsual style crystal shot glasses available on the market although currently tall shot glass style disposable glasses aren’t available.

  • Pony glasses are a stemmed version of the more tradiionally seen shot glasses 25ml and usually holds around 1oz or 30ml. Pony glasses can often to used to serve sherry or port.

Amongst these shapes and sizes, shot glasses these days can be used for a multitued of things, such as marketing materials for bars and cafes, sports team or even company names. Chances are you’ve seen one of these.

Where can you find shot glasses?

You can visit our website for the best disposable shot glasses, perfect for alcohol or even desserts or small appetizers.

What are shot glasses made of?

Most shot glasses are made up from tempered glass and usually are bought in either 25 to 35ml. The best part of our disposable plastic shot glasses are they do not shatter like the usual glass shot glasses eliminate the health and safety aspects of using this type of drinkware outside. As it’s disposable, there’s no need to wash them, just dispose of these in a recycling bin so that they can be clean and recycled.

If shot glasses aren‘t on your wishlist and that you‘re looking at other food storage, barware and drinkware such as wine glasses, tumblers and other drinkware, or even tableware you can checkout our website or contact our friendly customer services team on 0115 9444434 who will be able to assist. For orders over £100 not inc. vat we offer free next day delivery.