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My name is Gino, and I'd like to welcome you to my website. I'm a Chef, I'm from London, and I have a vision.

That vision, is to give as many of my peers and colleagues access to the network I've spent years building in the catering and foodservice sector. This network means I can get great prices on catering supplies, hygiene supplies, and cleaning supplies - and pass those savings on to you. I know the challenges you face, and I know the things that really burn your onions. So rest assured - I'm going to make sure that me and the C24 team get this right for you.

On the website you'll find nearly anything you need - in the world of catering consumables - to operate your catering business. In the beginning you'll find:


I've made you a promise, and like any good London gent, I intend to keep it.

Enjoy my website, and thank you for partnering with us.

All my best, Gino.

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