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  • What is Bagasse? - Biodegradable Packaging

    What is Bagasse?

    Bagasse It is a byproduct of making sugar, when sugarcane stalks are harvested, they are pressed to extract their juices. Which then gets processed into sugar. This leaves behind a dry fibrous substance. Using a high heat and pressure process this material is then molded into various containers and tableware such as bowls and plates.


    Benefits and Features of Bagasse Products

    • Being both Biodegradeable and Compostable, it's seen as the most environmentally friendly material currently used in the food service industry. Offering a great alternative to products like Polystyrene Containers.
    • Packaging made from it and tableware are stronger and better quality than most alternatives.
    • Has no impact on taste or aroma of food, unlike alternative packaging which have a distinct smell of their own which can affect how food tastes when eaten out of.
    • From start to finish It requires very little energy to produce so as well as being fully biodegradable its impact on our environment is minimal, making it an all round environmentally friendly material and product.


    What is Bagasse Suitable For?

    Suitable for hot, wet and oily foods, it holds liquids very well and is naturally grease and cut resistant, It's also heat tolerant upto 95C and can even be put in the microwave or the freezer. (extremely hot food may cause sugarcane to lose some of its strength).


    How long does it take for Bagasse products to disintegrate?

    Being plant-based, makes it easily compostable. Starting from the time it's exposed to composting conditions (it will not start biodegrading in storage) it can take a few months to break down,. However in the right conditions can disintegrate within a week. It does not require any special processes to recycle.


    Our Bagasse Product Range:

    9x9" Clamshell Meal Boxes

    bagasse clamshell meal boxes

    9x6" Lunch Boxes

    bagasse lunch boxes

    6" Burger Boxes

    bagasse burger boxes

    9" Plates

    bagasse plates



  • Which Paper Cups are right for my Business?

    One of the most common questions we are asked from a potential customer is "which paper cups should we buy for our catering business?"

    Choosing the right paper cups comes down to what is more important to you?. Is it how much the cup costs? how the cup looks? or how the cup impacts on our environment?

    To help you choose which paper cup is right for your business, we have outlined below a summary of our paper cups.


    Biodegradable Paper Cups

    Biodegradable Doubled Walled Cups

    Biodegradable paper cups are the most environmentally friendly cups on the market, There double walled design offers excellent insulation and therefore protect the customers hands from hot drinks and although these come at a premium they have less of impact on our environment so great if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint.

    • Pros: Biodegradable, Compostable.
    • Cons: Although these cost more, can we put a price on the impact non recycleable cups have on our environment?
    • Material: paper
    • Cost: £0.10p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz double walled edenware cups )


    Double Walled Paper Cups

    Double Walled Cups

    Double wall cups are the industry standard takeaway coffee cups for any cafe or shop serving takeaway drinks. Offered in a various sizes most commonly 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. They are suitable for both hot and cold drinks, offering the same high insulation properties as the biodegradable doubled walled cups without the price tag.

    • Pros: Good Insulation, Sleek Design
    • Cons: slightly more expensive than a ripple cup.
    • Material: paper
    • Cost: £0.07p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz black double walled cups )


    Ripple Paper Cups

    Ripple Cups

    Ripple paper cups are one of the most popular disposable paper cups on the market, offering a very robust design with great insulation to keep your drink warm while protecting your hands all at an affordable price!. If you are selling takeaway coffee kraft ripple cups are an excellent choice.

    • Pros: Affordable, Good Insulation and they Look great!
    • Cons: Its hard to find a con for a ripple cup?
    • Material: paper
    • Cost: £0.05p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz kraft ripple cups )


    Enjoy Bubble Paper Cup

    Enjoy Bubble Cups

    Enjoy double walled paper cups by Huhtamaki come in a range of vibrant colours, the bubble texture of the cups not only looks good but also improves the insulation properties of the cup and provides a comfortable grip for your customers.

    • Pros: Good Insulation, Easy Grip, Vibrant and Fun.
    • Cons: Slightly more expensive than a standard double walled cup and my not fit in within your brand or colour schemes.
    • Material: paper
    • Cost: £0.08p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz enjoy bubble cups )


    Single Wall Paper Cups

    Single Wall Cups

    Single Wall cups are a cost effective solution which are a more environmentally friendly option than polystyrene cup, we would recommend Cup Sleeves if serving hot beverages in them.

    • Pros: Affordable and lightweight.
    • Cons: Not suitable for hot drinks without a cup sleeve to protect customers hands.
    • Material: paper
    • Cost: £0.05p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz speciiality cups )


    Polystyrene Cups

    Polystyrene Cups

    Polystyrene cups are a cheap but versatile option, they are great at regulating both hot and cold drinks, however cheap comes at a price to our environment as they are non recyclable. We would recommend polystyrene cups for either the workplace, charity event or where budget is really at a minimum and you are not trying to push a brand.

    • Pros: Cheap & good at regulating Hot & Cold beverage temperatures.
    • Cons: Non Recyclable & Not aesthetically pleasing.
    • Material: polystyrene
    • Cost: £0.03p per paper cup (Based on our: 12oz polystyrene cups )


    To complement your cups we also stock a variety of other catering disposables including: Lids, Cup Sleeves & Holders, Straws & Stirrers.

  • Ripple Cups

    Ripple cups are the most popular paper cup for serving your tea & coffee to your customers. Great value & design by insulating your drink & protecting hands.

    Ripple cups Ripple cups are the most popular option.

    We love these cups which are available in 8oz, 12oz & 16oz in size. They are also available in a number of designs and colours - in stock ready for next day delivery.

    The construction of the cups mean they are very sturdy and protect your customers hands from the hot tea or coffee (or Mulled Wine!).

    Ripple cups are stocked at and are available next day delivery at the best prices in the UK. You can find them here: 

    Our delivery information page can be found here: 

  • New Catering Supplies Available

    Catering Supplies New Catering Supplies available from Catering24

    Autumn is on our doorstep and we have some great new Catering Supplies available for serving hot food and drink in some high quality white food containers and new ripple cups available from

    We have added a new range of white food containers, these come in a range of sizes indicated by a number. We have No.1 through to No.8 size containers, please go to the new Catering Supplies product section to discover which size suits you best.

    The white food containers offer the highest quality and image in the foodservice today. They are leak and grease resistant, microwavable, stackable and are easy to use.

    These will easily hold hot, cold, wet or dry foods, keeping the food fresh for serving to your customers.

    White Food Containers Range of New White Food Containers Available from Catering24

    We also have new cups available from in the catering supplies category. Now available next day is the Black & Enjoy Ripple Cups.

    These cups are available in 8, 12 & 16oz and the ripple design protects your customers hands when holding hot drinks while keeping the drink insulated. All of the ripple cups come in boxes of 500 and there are white and black sip through lids available to match.

    The Enjoy Ripple cups come with a coffee cup design printed as standard with the message displaying 'Enjoy your Coffee' on the side. Fantastic disposable coffee cups for serving your drinks.

    The most popular of the ripple cups are by far the kraft ripple cups, but we think the black and enjoy ones will be equally as popular. Why not give them a try today?

    Ripple cups New ripple cups now available from Catering24 in Black and Enjoy design.

    We have also reduced our Saturday delivery charge to only £9.00 for orders over £100 allowing you to have catering supplies delivery 6 days a week, at Catering24 we want to make life easier.

    Catering supplies are available to order from Catering24 24-7 through our website giving you ultimate flexibility.


  • Disposable Christmas Cups - Santa & Elf Design

    Disposable Christmas Cups Disposable Christmas Cups Launch Disposable Christmas Cups - Available for Pre-Order Now!
    Available for delivery from the beginning of November is the Santa Double walled paper cup in the 12oz size and the Elf Double walled paper cup in the 8oz. These disposable Christmas cups are excellent for the festive season.

    Available in split pack sizes these are great for the festive period serving speciality coffees leading up to Christmas. Why not treat your customers this year, get the buzz going about the way your serving your Coffee,Tea & Mulled Wine through your own marketing and social media.

    This is a unique opportunity to get some fantastic Double Walled Christmas cups to serve your tea and coffee over the festive period.

    We will be taking orders from now (September) for delivery in November. There is limited stock so don't miss out on these Christmas Cups.

    For the first time we have put on the website split packs to allow for customers who may like just a special day of selling their coffee in these festive Christmas cups, we have also split the lids to match. Simply go to the Christmas Cup section on Catering24 to see the products 360 degree imagery. 

    The Christmas run up is the busiest time of year for cafes, the cold weather invites customers into buy a warm take away drink. You can use these cups to promote your business and sell premium festive speciality coffee boosting your sales.

    Once you place your order we will contact you to arrange your prefered delivery date after the 1st November allowing you ultimate flexibility. For customers wanting to use the cups throughout November and December we can also look at staggering deliveries (depending on volume).

    Come take a look at Catering24 and chat to us on the online chat.

    Stock is limited -  Don't be disappointed

    Disposable Christmas Cups Disposable Christmas Cups
  • Catering Supplies - Now Pay by PayPal

    catering supplies

    PayPal Now Available as an Additional Payment Method.

    At we like to make ordering your catering supplies and equipment as easy and as quick as possible. Thats why we have now added PayPal as an additional payment method, PayPal has 20 million active accounts within the UK and is very fast and secure to use.

    Simple and convenient

    Buy online and breeze through checkout. No need to re-enter your card. Pay quickly with just an email address and password, or mobile number and PIN. PayPal stores and protects your details.

    Try it on your next order - its super quick!

    Catering Supplies available at a click of a button

    We have available a full range of catering supplies such as food packaging, paper coffee cups and catering equipment. Now you can by these catering essentials even quicker using our new payment method PayPal.

    PayPal keeps all your data safe and means that you can fly through the checkout process with only an email address and password. If you have PayPal One Touch activated you can pay even faster as you are already logged in. always looks for the easiest way for you to shop and be secure.

    catering supplies

  • Catering24 Launch Catering Equipment

    Over 2500 catering equipment products now available at amazing prices. Catering24 has now made available products to suit any catering business supplying such equipment such as Beverage Service | Menu, Signs & Displays | Kitchenware & Utensils | Chef Clothing & Footwear | Professional Chef Knives | Storage & Gastronorm | Cookware & Bakeware | Table Presentation | Safety & First Aid | Barware | Waste Management  This is all available with only 2-3 working day delivery. We cover a wide range of all of your equipment essentials at the very best prices.

    We have been working hard on our website to make it as easy as possbile for you to browse through this extensive amount of catering equipment. The team at Catering24 has really pushed on to make this possible and now all of our customers can enjoy over 2500 catering equipment products at the best prices possible.

    If you run a catering business or would like to find some professional catering equipment for your home then this is the place to look. We have everything from colour coded utensils, knives and chopping boards all the way through to cocktail shakers, cooking pans and chef jackets.

    If you need advice on this extensive range then you can contact Gino - or go to and click on the online chat.

    Thumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail ImageThumbnail Image


  • Order By 2pm For NEXTDAY DELIVERY!


    We have now moved our ordering time to 2PM giving you an extra 2 Hours to place your order for NEXTDAY DELIVERY!, This is just one of many investments Catering24 is doing to provide its customers even better service with more flexible online ordering & quality products throughout.

    We have many more exciting features coming soon to the website & very much welcome any suggestions for features or products you would like to see on the site, you can email these to

    Ciao, Gino!

  • Goes Live!

    After months of planning, negotiations and development is finally live!

    As London's newest catering supplier we will continue to expand our range with quality products that you want at competitive prices.

    We are so confident in our pricing that if you find anything cheaper via a reputable supplier, we will price match it!

    If while browsing our site, you find that you need out help just click the Online Chat button which is always at the bottom of your screen or send us a support ticket and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

    We Look forward to your custom

    Ciao, Gino.


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